5 important characters in Roger’s execution in the One Piece Live Action that you may have missed

Gol D. Roger's Execution

The One Piece Live Action could not have had a more fitting starting than starting with Gol D. Roger’s Execution. This was attended by several characters who become very significant down the line. Here is a list of all the characters that attended Roger’s Execution in the One Piece Live Action.

Which characters from the story appear at Roger’s execution in the One Piece Live Action?

5/5 – Shanks

Shanks at Roger's Execution
Shanks at Roger’s Execution | Image courtesy of Netflix

Shanks stands out as one of the most easily identifiable figures amidst the vast array of characters during Roger’s execution in One Piece. He was compelled to bear witness to the demise of not only his captain but also his guiding influence and conceivably the individual closest to a father figure in his life. In the scene, we observe Shanks dressed in his customary attire, with the iconic straw hat, grieving the loss of Roger.

Why is he important?

Shanks initially served as a member of Roger’s crew before setting out on his own journey to locate the One Piece. Subsequently, he rose to prominence as a prominent pirate during the Age of Pirates and earned the prestigious title of Emperor of the Seas. Shanks commands considerable influence and garners respect from both the Marines and fellow pirates. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in introducing Luffy to the Gum-Gum fruit, ultimately setting the stage for Luffy’s destiny as the next Joy Boy.

4/5 – Mihawk

Mihawk at Roger's Execution
Mihawk at Roger’s Execution | Image courtesy of Netflix

The next individual we’re about to discuss is undeniably one of the most significant figures in the entire One Piece story. Dracule Mihawk is also present at Roger’s funeral. Although the nature of Mihawk’s connection to Gol D. Roger remains uncertain, it’s evident that he maintains a vigilant observation of the entire event.

Why is he important?

Dracule Mihawk, a lifelong companion and adversary of Shanks, achieves the esteemed status of the world’s most formidable swordsman. He formerly held the position of a Shichibukai and played a crucial role in the events of the Marineford War.

Following the Straw Hat crew’s defeat at Sabaody Archipelago, Mihawk took on the role of Zoro’s mentor, serving as a formidable challenge for Zoro to overcome in his quest to become the world’s greatest swordsman. After the discontinuation of the Shichibukai system, Mihawk joined forces with Crocodile and Buggy within the Cross Guild Pirate Alliance.

3/5 – Monkey D. Garp

Garp at Roger's Execution
Garp at Roger’s Execution | Image courtesy of Netflix

Moving on to an intriguing aspect that deviates from the manga’s consistency, we witness the unexpected presence of Monkey D. Garp at Roger’s execution. It’s Garp who delivers Roger’s execution verdict, a departure from his initial absence in the original source material. Furthermore, there’s a brief exchange of words between Garp and Roger, suggesting the possibility of a connection or history between them.

Why is he important?

Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp holds a strong claim to being the most pivotal Marine character within the narrative. He happens to be Luffy’s grandfather and played a crucial role in capturing and facilitating the execution of Gol D. Roger. Garp’s decision to decline promotions offered by the World Government speaks to his unwavering commitment to following his own brand of justice, making him a unique figure within the Marines.

Furthermore, his involvement in Roger’s execution in the One Piece live-action adaptation adds an intriguing layer to his character, setting the stage for an emotionally charged connection to his presence during Ace’s impending execution at Marineford.

2/5 – Monkey D. Dragon

Dragon at Roger's Execution
Dragon at Roger’s Execution | Image courtesy of Netflix

Additionally, Monkey D. Dragon makes an appearance at Roger’s funeral, donning his distinctive olive cloak. The camera briefly singles him out before widening its view. This subtle visual cue implies that, given the loose adaptation of the story from the manga, there’s a possibility of significant actions from the Revolutionary Army in the narrative.

Why is he important?

The head of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Dragon, would eventually undertake a mission to free the world from the oppressive grip of the malevolent World Government, striving to create a world characterized by genuine equality. Notably, he is the father of the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, and the son of Garp. Alongside the Revolutionary Army, Dragon is universally recognized as one of the three influential forces responsible for maintaining global equilibrium.

1/5 – Bogard

Bogard at Roger's Execution
Bogard at Roger’s Execution | Image courtesy of Netflix

One of the most intriguing figures to emerge during Roger’s Execution was Bogard. What adds to the intrigue is the fact that he shares the same frame with Dragon, and his presence is shrouded in secrecy, much like many facets of his character.

Why is he important?

Bogard consistently fulfils the role of Garp’s trusted right-hand figure throughout the story’s progression. With his character design taking inspiration from a private detective, Bogard intentionally avoids drawing excessive attention to himself. This discretion is exemplified in the live-action adaptation, where he stands alongside Dragon, deliberately keeping a low profile. His position as Garp’s right-hand aide serves the same purpose.

Recent theories within the One Piece community speculate that Bogard could potentially be the leader of SWORD, the autonomous faction within the Marines, further adding to his enigmatic persona.

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