Exploring why “A Condition Called Love” anime is facing backlash in the community

Hotaru is happily looking at a white bun while sitting on the stairs as Hananoi looks at her while sitting beside her in A Condition Called Love Anime

A Condition Called Love anime has begun its run for Spring 2024. As the comeback of Shoujo anime has been quite impressive in recent times with anime like My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 or A Sign of Affection, fans were expecting A Condition Called Love to be the next big Shoujo delight. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as the first episode of the anime has been receiving a substantial amount of negative reactions. 

But is A Condition Called Love anime really that bad? Let’s dive into the backlash received by the anime and see if there are any chances for a possible turnaround. 

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A Condition Called Love Episode 1: Understanding the Backlash

Hananoi hugs Hotaru tightly as she has her eyes wide open in A Condition Called Love anime
Hananoi hugs Hotaru | Image Courtesy of East Fish Studio

Right after the episode aired, fans were quick to point out all the problematic aspects of the plot and the characters. There were some recurring criticisms fans had about the show, here’s a breakdown of all of that: 

  • Story: Starting with the plot, the main characters, Hananoi and Hotaru get together within the first episode despite the lack of chemistry or any real romantic developments. 
  • Fans couldn’t understand the pacing or the sudden jump from strangers to almost lovers. 
Hotaru Hinase has her mouth full and plump and sparkling eyes in a condition called love episode 1
Hotaru Hinase | Image Courtesy of East Fish Studio
  • Characters: Both the characters have polar opposite personalities. While Hananoi is too serious about ‘loving’ his partners, Hotaru doesn’t understand anything about the concept of love. 
  • Many fans believed that Hananoi was love-bombing Hotaru with his gestures like cutting his hair short or looking for her hairpin during snowfall. 
  • Whereas Hotaru gave in to his whims which made her seem like a pushover. 
  • Hananoi’s choice of confessing to Hotaru in front of the entire classroom right after a breakup also raised some eyebrows about the sincerity of his actions. 

All these flaws in the characters plus their decision to be together right off the bat, raised questions about the quality of the overall writing of the plot. Interestingly the manga readers were chiming in the discussions to defend the story

So, does A Condition Called Love get better?

Hananoi sits on a bench looking upwards while Hotaru holds the umbrella
A still from A Condition Called Love Episode 1 | Image Courtesy of East Fish Studio

A simple answer to this question would be yes, it definitely gets better. For now the anime has introduced us to these two high-schoolers who are extremely flawed. They have their reservations and doubts about love. They’re in the process of figuring things out. 

While doing that, they’ve come across another person who makes them curious, in Hotaru’s case and we are not yet aware of Hananoi’s thoughts behind his confession. 

Throughout the episode, Hotaru questions the actions of Hananoi at multiple points. She’s quick to voice her concerns whenever Hananoi goes overboard. While Hananoi is pretty intense, he quickly backs off when Hotaru expresses her discomfort. With their imperfections, they’ve embarked on this journey to understand love together. 

The Progress in the Manga

Hotaru with her hair tied up in A Condition called love manga
Hotaru Hinase in A Condition Called Love Manga | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

This section contains minor manga spoilers.

Hananoi and Hotaru have come a long way from where they started. In the manga, there’s a lot of drama which brings them closer to each other. The author fleshes out both the characters through their interactions with each other and the surroundings as well. Plus, Hotaru is a really good female character or as  the cultured would say it, she is the best girl! 

The character development they undergo is quite realistic. Hananoi and Hotaru don’t transform into perfect beings who are love experts but their perspectives and worlds are broadened in the process of understanding each other better. Their romance is refreshing, painful, and wholesome. 

Stick through with Hananoi and Hotaru till the end!

Hananoi looks over his shoulder to find Hotaru holding his hand wearing a blue scarf
A visual representation of the writer asking everyone to watch the anime till the end | Image Courtesy of East Fish Studio

If you’re amused with how Hananoi and Hotaru are somewhat weird, you should stick with the anime till the end. The progression of the story is truly rewarding as we witness two youngins navigating their way through life and love. The title ‘A Condition Called Love’ is self explanatory once you get a gist of the premise.

Sadly the animation of the show pales in comparison to all the shoujo romance we’ve seen in recent times. If the animation is the only aspect dampening your enjoyment, hop on a cozy couch with the manga right away! The manga has a beautiful artstyle that elevates the pleasure of an already great story! 

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