A Condition Called Love Chapter 54: Hananoi’s relationship with the old man and its implications

A condition called love manga

The teen-age is all about being stubborn about your beliefs and steering through life with that sternly narrow lens. One such teenager is Hanaoi-Kun from A Condition Called Love manga. The recent revelation in the manga left fans awestruck, the old man who was Hananoi’s only friend and confidant during childhood was Hotaru’s grandfather. The follow-up of this plot twist in A Condition Called Love chapter 54 sparks curiosity, and we’re here to discuss all of that!

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A Condition Called Love Chapter 54: The match made in heaven

Hotaru in A Condition called love manga
Hotaru Hinase in A Condition Called Love Manga | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Hananoi and Hotaru’s relationship has been wholesome albeit quite distinct. Hananoi’s reservations towards love were perfectly handled by Hotaru’s patience. He grew to be more accepting of others without having to let go of his own opinions and ideas. 

Hotaru on the other hand continued to be carefree while being steadfast whenever she deemed it right. Their relationship was extremely real since day one and the recent revelation adorned their bond with a tinge of fairy tales. It was not just their personality but destiny that brought the two of them together. 

A big revelation for Hotaru’s family

Hananoi and Hotaru's father in A condition called love chapter 54
Hotaru’s Dad and Hananoi | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Right before the grand reveal, the relationship between Hotaru’s dad and grandfather was explored. Her dad mentioned how the old man was often away at his job, which pushed him to follow a different approach with his children. The time Hananoi spent with the old man was always dialogue-heavy. 

During their time together, he might have shared anecdotes or feelings towards his own family and his work. Whatever Hananoi got to know about the old man’s family back then is bound to get contextualized now that he knows everyone involved. Sharing his understanding of the old man with his family can help placate the resentment of Hotaru’s father. 

The Old Man’s efforts at mending relationships

The old man in A condition Called Love chapter 54
Hotaru’s grandfather with young Hananoi | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Notably, Hotaru shared how she knew her grandparents through pictures solely. This implies that the grandfather didn’t live with them. There’s a slight possibility that he was visiting Hotaru’s neighborhood to visit her family but always chickened out as he was aware of his son’s feelings. During his visits, instead of seeing his own family, he started spending time with Hananoi. 

At the end of the chapter, we get to know the grandfather’s last words to Hananoi about how a single person can’t fulfill all your needs. These words make a lot of sense concerning Hanaoi’s situation and his take on love. Considering how the manga is nearing its end, we have come full circle with Hananoi’s journey with love. 


Throughout the manga, we’ve seen various forms of love from unrequited love to platonic and romantic love as the main focus. The exploration of different kinds of love and the condition of those involved has been thorough and wholesome. Seemingly the final arc focuses on how important it is to recognize the limitations and needs of different loves, which perfectly sums up the condition called love!

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