All Might and Deku are parallel characters in story: Here’s how

All Might and Deku

My Hero Academia tells a story of a boy who does not have a quirk, in a society driven by quirks. It is the boy’s story of greatness, his struggle to become the best of the Heroes he admires. Who does this remind us of? Is it All Might, or Is it Deku? It’s them both. All Might and Deku are connected and are bound to some similar aspects. However, that is not the case. It appears that they both share more than just One for All.

Who is Deku?

Midoriya Izuku is the main protagonist of the show My Hero Academia. Born with a physical deformity, he was quirkless. He was not needed in a society that glorified quirks and Heroes. Despite his circumstances, he wished to be a Hero.

“On a chance encounter” with the Number 1 Hero, All Might, Midoriya proves he is a hero material by showing his bravado in saving his school friend, Bakugo. Being reassured by All Might, he embarks on his journey to become the greatest Hero.

Midoriya Izuku | Courtesy of Bones

Deku is the alias he takes up for his Hero name. He inherits One for All, an energy stockpiling quirk at the initial glance, and continues to brave through adversity to grow and become a Hero. He is now at the forefront of the Hero Society against the League of Villains and continues to save people, irrespective of their affiliation. He has become one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Heroes of the Current Era.

Who is All Might?

Toshinori Yagi is the eighth holder of One for All. He is Deku’s teacher and teaches him everything there is to One for All. He was the Number 1 Hero of the Past Generation. All Might’s hero career came to a halt when he faced the Leader of the League of Villains, All for One. The fight made All Might lose all the energy from One for All remaining in him. He became quirkless.

All Might
All Might | Courtesy of Bones

This could not stop the previous Hero. With tremendous grit and determination, he came back as a Hero to stop All for One again. As his fight ensues, he shines in the eyes of everyone that believes in him. He shines as the beacon of Hope once more.

Parallels between All Might and Deku

All Might and Deku share a teacher-student relationship, however, throughout the story, their bond has grown to become what one could call a parent-child relationship. They have had each other’s back since the beginning of the story. They have shared secrets and One for All, yet it seems it was not the only thing they shared.

  • Similar Origins: Both of them were quirkless before inheriting One for All.
  • Similar Motivations: Both of them were driven by their ideals to save people.
  • Similar Plot-Developments: Both of them had to seclude themselves to train, as the imminent threat of the Villain lingered.
  • Similar Personality: Both of them share a cheerful personality. Irrespective of their experience, they continue to smile for others.
  • Similar Manner of Action: Both of them try to shoulder responsibilities alone, without asking for help from others.


In the world of My Hero Academia, fate and destiny play an important role in how the story plays out. It is no coincidence that the current Leader of the League of Villains, Shigaraki, is a distant relative to All for One. It is no coincidence that Shigaraki is the grandson of Nana, the seventh holder of One for All. It is cruel, but fate has indeed interwoven these characters together.

All Might and Deku is similarly not a chance encounter. They were destined to meet. Two people who are alike but separated in their time. It was fate that brought these two together. A Hero that had lost hope meets a hopeful boy who wants to be a Hero. From one quirkless individual to another, Deku was the salvation All Might was in desperate need of.

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