All Objects that Ate a Devil Fruit in One Piece

All Objects that Ate a Devil Fruit in One Piece

One of the most fascinating aspects of Devil Fruits in the One Piece world is that objects and animals can also consume and gain powers from them. Dr. Vegapunk has discovered a way to ‘feed’ Devil Fruits to inanimate objects that lets the said object gain the powers of the Fruit it eats. Let’s take a deeper look at all Objects that Ate a Devil Fruit in One Piece.

All Objects that Ate a Devil Fruit in One Piece

Lassoo the Bazooka

The bazooka dog Lassoo belonging to Mr. 4 ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Dachshund fruit, granting him the ability to transform between a live dachshund and a bazooka. Consuming this Zoan fruit allowed the previously inanimate bazooka to gain life and sentience.

In dachshund form, Lassoo gains enhanced dog mobility, senses, and the ability to bark and bite foes. As a bazooka, he can launch explosive baseball projectiles from his mouth on command. This ingenious fusion blends the benefits of a biological dog and mechanical cannon perfectly.

Funkfreed the Sword

All Objects that Ate a Devil Fruit in One Piece
Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

Spandam’s sword Funkfreed consumed the Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth fruit, allowing it to transform into a biological mammoth-sword hybrid. In its gargantuan mammoth form, Funkfreed possesses immense physical strength capable of trampling groups of enemies underfoot.

Meanwhile, in its sharpened sword form, it can slice opponents using its bladed trunk and tusks. This fruit combines the raw power of an elephant with the lethal cutting capacity of a blade for devastating offensive potential.

Smiley the Gas Weapon

The poison gas weapon Smiley owned by the scientist Caesar Clown ate the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl fruit, turning it into a living axolotl-gas hybrid. It can produce seemingly limitless amounts of hazardous purple poison gas, as well as regenerate infinitely like an axolotl thanks to the fruit.

This grants Smiley practically inexhaustible stamina and an extremely deadly area denial ability.

Bunbuku the Teapot

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Devil Fruits, Courtesy of Teoi Animation

Kozuki Sukiyaki’s beloved teapot Bunbuku ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Tanuki fruit, gaining the ability to transform into a tanuki-teapot hybrid. It can safely store boiling hot tea in its teapot belly without injury.

Bunbuku can also utilize the tanuki’s signature shapeshifting skills to disguise itself and stealthily assist allies. This makes it a versatile support powerhouse.

Awakening Speculation

If these object Zoan users awakened their fruits, the potential effects could be incredibly diverse and devastating. They might gain immense strength like the Jailer Beasts of Impel Down or retain intelligence while transforming into an entirely new form.

Weapons like Lassoo and Funkfreed could warp landscapes and targets with their animal properties, given their unusual circumstances. Smiley’s gas powers could be expanded to affect even more mass and volume. Oda could take object awakenings in many exciting directions.


The capacity for once-inanimate objects to consume Zoan fruits allows for extraordinary battle applications when merged with the objects’ original purposes. The 4 objects Zoan users highlighted here exhibit some of the most creative Devil Fruit abilities in the entire One Piece story so far. But even more bizarre and powerful object-animal hybrids likely await somewhere on the vast seas ahead.

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