All Special Grade Sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen explained

All Special Grade Sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen explained

Jujutsu Kaisen has been trending as one of the best anime shows of 2023, making it to the top charts and even breaking its own records. Jujutsu Kaisen has originally been created by Gege Akutami and has been animated by MAPPA. Let’s get a glimpse at the life of the Special Grade Sorcerers with the ongoing season primarily focusing on Gojo’s Past Arc, the introduction of Toji Fushiguro, and the position that these kinds of sorcerers hold in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

What are Special Grade Sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen and who are they?

The Special Grade Sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen are of great significance to the entire narrative. These individuals possess astonishing abilities and powers, and they are peculiar and extraordinary in their nature. These individuals also possess the greatest power resources at their disposal. Currently, there are only four known Special Grade Sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen. Moreover, these sorcerers whom we will be discussing in the later part are also intrinsic to the definitive aspects of the entirety of the storyline.

There are currently four Special Grade Sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen, all of whom we will be discussing in this section. The mentions are not based on any hierarchy and the listicle only comprises the Special Grade Sorcerers which we know about and have been revealed to us.

1. Gojo Satoru

All Special Grade Sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen explained
Gojo Satoru. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

Gojo Satoru is apparently the most powerful and renowned sorcerer in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. He is the master of spatial manipulation, with his Special Curse Technique called Limitless, which makes him practically untouchable and invincible during battle.

Gojo also possesses the Six Eyes Technique, Reversal Red, Blue, and Purple, and the Maximum Cursed Energy Output. All of these special cursed techniques make Gojo Satoru a formidable enemy during battle, one who holds the power to even defeat the King of Curses, Sukuna.

2. Suguru Geto

All Special Grade Sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen explained
Suguru Geto. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

Suguru Geto is one of the strongest sorcerers of Jujutsu Kaisen, who was earlier the partner and close friend of Gojo Satoru. They fought the battle against Toji Fushiguro together. Suguru Geto holds the power of Cursed Spirit Manipulation. This allows him to summon Shikigami and can control thousands of curses simultaneously.

He was considered as strong as Gojo before the latter awakened and surpassed the former. Geto is a cunning individual and is a master strategist, something which makes him a prime antagonist of the show. He holds the position of a Special Grade Sorcerer due to his ability to manipulate curses and also performs as a master in hand-to-hand combat.

3. Yuta Okkotsu

All Special Grade Sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen explained
Yuta Okkotsu. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

Yuta Okkotsu is the owner of Rika, a unique curse that is a manifestation of love and loss. It originated from sorrow and despair and is a reservoir of his immense curse energy. It has been said that his cursed energy even surpasses that of Gojo Satoru, even having the ability to copy other curses. He was able to defeat Suguru Geto and is an unpredictable and unrivaled opponent for any sorcerer.

4. Yuki Tsukumo

All Special Grade Sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen explained
Yuki Tsukumo (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

Yuki Tsukumo is the final Special Grade Sorcerer in this list, and she is the holder of the Star Rage. This gives her the unique ability to add virtual mass to any form of attack, making each attack she delivers significantly stronger and fatal. She is also accompanied by an otherworldly creature known as Garuda. While she is an expert close combat specialist, Garuda acts independently as a long-range tool. She is a master at her form of combat and is feared by most sorcerers for her ruthless demeanor.


The Special Grade Sorcerers such as Gojo, Geto, Yuta, and Yuki are integral elements of the narrative of the anime. They help to define and dictate a certain structure to the form and flow of the plot. While they are extremely arrogant or selfish characters themselves, their presence also significantly boosts the confidence of their allies and rages fear among their opponents.

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