All the parallels between Your Lie in April and Violet Evergarden

All the parallels between Your Lie in April and Violet Evergarden

Your Lie in April and Violet Evergarden both share certain core similarities that have led some viewers to suggest that Violet Evergarden essentially serves as a version of Your Lie in April specifically targeted more at writers rather than at musicians. Here are all the parallels between Your Lie in April and Violet Evergarden, alongside key differences worth examining.

Your Lie in April and Violet Evergarden

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Violet Evergarden | Image courtesy of Kyoto Animation

Superficially, both anime series deliver poignant stories about emotionally damaged, vulnerable youth who seek to rediscover and rekindle their dormant creative passion towards an art form they once excelled at after enduring major trauma and loss.

  • In Your Lie in April, former piano prodigy Kousei must gradually relearn how to love playing the piano all over again after suffering immense abuse and pressure from his demanding, uncompromising upbringing, which crushed his spirit and robbed him of artistic joy.
  • Similarly, Violet Evergarden undertakes her own arduous emotional process of learning to understand human feelings again through the art of writing after spending her entire childhood as an emotionless soldier stripped of humanity, love, and any form of compassion.

The Beauty of the Arts

Through painful perseverance and unwillingness to give up on their craft, both Kousei and Violet are ultimately able to slowly regain their individual abilities to genuinely express themselves creatively and meaningfully through their chosen art forms, with Kousei returning to the masterful piano and Violet learning to tap into her long-buried humanity through the written word.

  • Their shared journey of struggling past creative blocks and burnout to reclaim their voices clearly mirrors the real-world struggles of both musicians and writers alike when confronting the challenges of sustaining passion for their craft after trauma or cynicism tries to rob them of inspiration.
  • In that direct sense, Your Lie in April can be viewed appropriately as an inspirational tale for musicians and performers, just as Violet Evergarden depicts and honors the oft-challenging journey of a writer fighting to never give up.

Narrative Differences

A still from Your Lie in April
A still from Your Lie in April (Image via A-1 Pictures)

However, Violet Evergarden also notably separates itself from Your Lie in April by making themes of human connection, communication, and empathy absolutely central to its core narrative.

  • Violet learns to write by ghostwriting deeply emotional personal letters designed specifically to carry and convey the intimate feelings of other people, thus developing her writing skills not merely for their own sake or artistry, but primarily to foster human bonds.
  • This outward focus on helping others contrasts sharply with the far more inward-focused introverted nature of Kousei’s personal quest in Your Lie in April to simply play piano for his own sake again.


In summary, while Violet Evergarden and Your Lie in April share emotional coming-of-age cores focused on healing trauma through an art form, Violet Evergarden ultimately carries more unique merits and lessons specifically tailored for writers absent from Your Lie in April’s musician-centered narrative.

But calling Violet a version of Your Lie in April targeted at writers still has some merit, as the parallels in their Stories of youthful perseverance undoubtedly ring true.

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