All the Voice Artist of Wind Breaker Anime and their previous works listed

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The debut episode of the Wind Breaker anime has generated excitement and hype due to its high school setting and engaging protagonist, who apparently shows traits of a tsundere at times. People have drawn comparisons between the Wind Breaker anime and shows like Tokyo Revengers and God of Highschool, where high school kids who seem to belong more to fight clubs than to their high school take the spotlight.

But whose voices are behind these enthusiastic kids in Wind Breaker? Well, most of the previous works by these voice artists are probably already familiar to you. Let’s break down the main Wind Breaker characters, their voice actors, and some of their notable previous roles:

Here’s a list of all the voice artist of Wind Breaker anime along with their previous works.

9. Yuma Uchida (Haruka Sakura):

Haruka Sakura in Wind Breaker ep 1 (left), Megumi in Demon Slayer (right)
Haruka Sakura in Wind Breaker ep 1 (left), Megumi in Demon Slayer (right) | Courtesy of CloverWorks and Ufotable

Yuma Uchida has already delivered stand-out performances as the passionate Reo in Blue Lock and the determined Megumi Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen. Uchida is the voice actor of our Wind Breaker protagonist, Haruka Sakura. He is a newcomer in Furin High, a school notorious for its unruly student body. Fueled by a desire to test his strength against the toughest fighters, Haruka arrives at Furin ready for a brawl.

8. Koki Uchiyama (Kyotaro Sugishita):

a still of Kyotaro from the official character announcement list
Kyotaro and Miyamura | Courtesy of CloverWorks

Uchiyama is a seasoned voice actor with an extensive resume. He’s known for his versatility, effortlessly switching between charismatic roles like Miyamura in Horimiya and the menacing antagonist Tomura Shigaraki in My Hero Academia. In Wind Breaker, Kyotaro Sugishita is the stoic leader of Bofurin, the Furin High’s student body.

7. Nobunaga Shimazaki (Hayate Suo): 

Hayate (left) and Nagi (right)
Hayate and Nagi | courtesy of CloverWorks

Shimazaki has delivered captivating performances as Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen and Nagi Seishiro in Blue Lock. In Wind Breaker, he has voiced the character Hayate Suo, who is a member of Bofurin known for his laid-back personality and surprising strength.

6. Yuichi Nakamura (Hajime Umemiya):

Hajime and Gojo sensei
Hajime and Gojo sensei | courtesy of CloverWorks

Nakamura’s booming voice and commanding presence have brought characters like the powerful Satoru Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen and the cunning Gotoh in Moriarty the Patriot to life. Hajime Umemiya is another member of Bofurin, known for his intimidating stature.

This article just scratches the surface of the amazing Wind Breaker anime voice actors. Who are your favorite voice actors and what roles have you enjoyed them in before? Let us know in the comments below. Also, Subscribe to our newsletter and join the raiding party!

5. Ryota Suzuki (Toma Hiragi):

Toma and Ryusei
Toma and Ryusei | Courtesy of CloverWorks

Suzuki is a talented voice actor who has played a variety of roles in both anime and video games. Suzuki’s most notable roles include Bisco Akaboshi in Sabikui Bisco and Ryusei Nanami in Dr. Stone.

In Wind Breaker, Toma Hiragi is a member of Bofurin who is known for his cheerful and optimistic personality. He is always willing to help others, and he is always up for a challenge.

4. Shoya Chiba (Akihiko Nirei):

Ahikiko and Kiyotaka
Ahikiko and Kiyotaka | Courtesy of CloverWorks

Chiba is a skilled voice actor who has also played a variety of roles in both anime and video games. His most notable roles include Kiyotaka Ayanokoji in Classroom of the Elite. In this role, Chiba showcased his ability to portray a character who is both intelligent and calculating. He is playing the role of Akihiko Nirei, who is the quite, mysterious, and reserved member of Bofurin.

3. Ikumi Hasegawa (Kotoha Tachibana):

Kotoha and Ubel
Kotoha and Ubel | Courtesy of CloverWorks

Hasegawa is known for her role as the confident and shrewd Ubel from Frieren. In both of these roles, Hasegawa showcased her ability to portray characters who are both kind and caring.

Kotoha Tachibana is a student at Furin High who is kind and compassionate. She is always willing to help others, and she is always looking for the best in people. Hasegawa’s voice acting skills will be a perfect fit for Tachibana’s character, and she will help to bring Tachibana’s kindness to life.

2. Kengo Kawanishi (Taiga Tsugeura):

Taiga and Muichiro
Taiga and Muichiro | Courtesy of CloverWorks and Ufotable

Kawanishi’s most notable roles include Muichiro Tokito from Demon Slayer. In both of these roles, Kawanishi showcased his ability to portray characters who are both passionate and determined.

Taiga Tsugeura is a student at Furin High who is known for his hotheaded and impulsive personality. He is always ready for a fight, and he is not afraid to speak his mind.

1. Mitsuki Kiryu (Toshiyuki Toyonaga):

Toshiyuki and Yuri
Toshiyuki and Yuri | Image courtesy of CloverWorks and MAPPA

Toyonaga is best known for his roles as Yuri Katsuki in Yuri on Ice and Mikado Ryugamine in Durarara!!. In both of these roles, Toyonaga showcased his ability to portray characters who are both intelligent and cunning.

Mitsuki Kiryu is a student at Furin High who is known for his calm and collected personality. He is always thinking ahead, and he is not afraid to take risks.

Wind Breaker anime is the new Hype


The official premise follows Haruka Sakura, a student at Furin High School, an institution known for its delinquent students who use their brawling strength to protect their town. Haruka, however, is solely interested in fighting his way to the top, with no interest in being a hero or part of a team. However, his initial impression takes a sharp turn when he encounters a group of students calling themselves “Bofurin” (Wind Guardians), led by the stoic Kyotaro Sugishita.

With the first episode out, the anime community is riddled with excitement for a story that does not dive into the supernatural, but retains the normalcy of life while giving in the action we all strive for. Wind breaker anime is shaping up to be the anime of the season, but is this just initial hype or is there substance behind it? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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