Here’s why Andrew Tate’s Anime girl tweet is more than it seems

Andrew Tate's Anime girl tweet- does he watch Anime

Andrew Tate’s anime girl tweet has brought down another set of controversies. While the question remains whether Tate is a fan of anime or not, the bigger question however would be to analyze his use of a popular culture to lure and manipulate his audience into believing his superficial notions. In this article, we will assess Andrew Tate’s anime girl tweet and also try to draw parallels between his internet chauvinism and his expression through the medium of anime.

Andrew Tate: the internet chauvinist and his ‘matrix’ manipulation

Andrew Tate’s tweets are often engrossed in talks about escaping the matrix. ‘What’ and ‘How’ remain the two question marks he never resorts to answering, but the matrix for him seems to be this extension of the state that he is trying to escape or break away from.

Moreover, the individuality that he is trying to foster is not only polarised but also highly chauvinistic in nature. Andrew Tate’s ‘Messiah’ factor has therefore been a major trope of his talks, where he tries to present himself as a being who has broken free from the clutches of an imaginary yet oppressive regime. The explanations however remain unfulfilling.

Andrew Tate's Anime girl tweet- does he watch Anime
Andrew Tate. (Image credits Insider)

Andrew Tate has been trying to break a cycle that has been only present in his podcasts and tweets. The reality however remains ironic owing to his lavish lifestyle. It is therefore hard to wrap our brains around the fact that this man’s ironies extend beyond his ability to even comprehend or contemplate any of them.

And in this picture, he has recently introduced the element of popular culture, i.e. anime.

Andrew Tate’s anime girl tweet: what is the message and who is targeted?

Andrew Tate’s anime-girl tweet has created a division of groups in the internet community. While some appreciate his so-called contribution to opening the eyes of the male youth, his sexist remarks have also enraged many in the process.

The fact that this man can make money and brainwash entire generations just by being overtly sexist is also a symbol of how feeble the human consciousness is and how easily it can be manipulated.

In the post, we can see how Tate compares women and the state and simultaneously draws parallels. We can also see how this is only an extension of his larger propaganda, to create this narrative of male superiority and chastity of mind, to create this purity and pollution divide between men and women.

Andrew Tate’s anime girl and other anime tweets

Andrew Tate has also taken a recent interest in posting more of his targeted impressions using anime templates or backgrounds. While this may be very universally appealing, this can also be looked at from a very nuanced viewpoint. Tate’s attempt at using such templates and posts not only becomes a tempting visual but also becomes a very subtle way of telling the world that it is also the digital space and its representation of women which is threatening.


In recent months, Andrew Tate’s anime girl tweet has created controversies. It is also his other controversies that have somehow managed to press down these subtle posts on the internet. However, while we remain as a family which loves anime for its very soul and being, it is important for us to counter these narratives with our voices and not let propagandists like Andrew Tate use a cultural tool like anime to promote sexism.

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