Anime 3×3 guide: how to make them?

Anime 3x3 guide how to make them

The fun of being a weeb isn’t limited to watching anime or reading manga, it also extends to sharing your taste with the community. Getting to be a part of discussions, trashing others’ anime tastes while flexing yours. Even though you’re a Sword Art Online fan yourself. And Anime 3×3 is the perfect quick way to get around doing all of this!

Anime 3x3 guide how to make them
A still from Sword Art Online | Image Courtesy via Crunchyroll

Anime 3×3 helps you cut out on all the small talk and can help you dive right into the next stage. If you’ve never come across this phenomenon called Anime 3×3, no worries we have got you covered here. This anime 3×3 guide will let you know what is an Anime 3×3 and how you can make one. A 3×3 isn’t limited to anime, you can make one for your favourite manga, waifu, or husbando.

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An example of a great waifu (Sakura Haruno from Naruto) | Image Courtesy via IMDb

An Introduction to Anime 3×3

Anime 3×3 is an easy-to-understand representation of your taste in anime. Essentially a person puts 9 of their anime in a 3×3 collage and that’s it! There are no rules as to which anime one should put. A person should put the 9 anime which completely sums up their taste in anime. 

People sometimes go around putting their guilty pleasures on the list as well. After all, it’s a part of what they like.

How to Make Your Anime 3×3?

Anime 3x3 guide how to make them (1)
An example of peak anime taste (A still from One Piece) | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The first step is to get high-quality pictures or posters of the 9 anime that you want to put on the list. Then you can use any of the platforms mentioned below to arrange them however you like. 

This is the easiest and most convenient way to put together your taste in anime. 

Here you have a direct 3×3 template, and you can just put your top 9 anime and have your 3×3 ready. 

This one right here is a bit complicated compared to the other choices you have. 

  • Paint and other photo editing apps 

Making anime 3×3 is no hard task. You just need to make a collage with 9 pictures on it. This is something you can do with something as basic as paint. Almost all editing apps have the feature to formulate a collage, so you’re ready to go with editing apps as well. 

How to have the most fun with Anime 3×3?


Now that you have your anime 3×3 ready, you’re not going to gatekeep it. Well, you can but showing it to others will put you on a battlefield with other weebs. 

  • You can post your anime 3×3 on your socials or add it to your MAL account. Adding a little comment or explanation on why a particular anime is on there will give your choices context. 
  • You can also comment on other’s anime 3×3 and it’ll encourage them to do the same for you. 
  • If you’re not making one for yourself, you can just go and pick a video from the plethora of videos available online. The videos where people are showcasing their anime tastes and judge them harmlessly. 


Trends make your hobby more fun. Anime 3×3 started as a trend as well and for sure all of your favorite celebrity weeb have one for themselves. The next time someone asks you “Oh, which anime do you like?” No need to put them words together, just whip out your anime 3×3 and start an anime exhibition on the spot. 

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