Anime Matsuri 2024 guide – everything we know so far

Anime Matsuri 2024 guide - everything we know so far

Anime Matsuri 2024 will be celebrating its eighteenth anniversary from August 8th, 2024 to August 11th, 2024 in Houston, Texas, United States of America. Known for being a convention of weebs and anime lovers, this three-day event provides a platform to explore and present all activities related to anime and Japanese culture. While the tickets and the event lineup are available on the official Anime Matsuri website, we must understand the importance of such events in shaping a Japanese perception rather than stereotypes in the Western world. In this article, we will provide an Anime Matsuri 2024 guide and all the information pertaining to the event.

What is the Anime Matsuri 2024 convention?

Anime Matsuri 2024 guide - everything we know so far
Anime Matsuri 2024 dates. (Image credit goes to Anime Matsuri Official Website)

Anime Matsuri is known for being an annual convention of anime, Japanese culture, and arts and is hosted at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. The area of the event is sprawled over 1800000 sq. ft. featuring anime panels, workshops, guest panels, celebrity talks, vendor/exhibition areas, artist alleys, live concerts, cosplay contests, gaming tournaments, and a Japanese Car Show! Thousands of fans gather each year from all over the world to witness this mega crowd of events and activities and immerse themselves in the world of their anime fantasies.

Anime Matsuri 2024 guide – events and activities for this year’s convention

Anime Matsuri 2024 guide - everything we know so far
Events at Anime Matsuri. (Image credit goes to Anime Matsuri Official Website)

Anime Matsuri 2024 is yet to release the official lineup for this year’s convention. However, it is certain that the event will follow a similar structure as last year’s. It can also be taken into account that the major events such as the guest panels, concerts, fashion shows, sumo wrestling, gaming contests, and cosplay contests will be held the same as before. Major attractions from Anime Matsuri 2023 included the following:

  • Guests – Anime Matsuri features a Guest lineup every year. Last year’s convention featured Yamato, a World Class DJ as the chief guest. Moreover, sources have revealed that a full-fledged guest lineup will be decided accordingly and fans will get a chance to meet some of their favorite artists, voice actors, on-screen actors, and cosplayers as a part of 2024 as well.
  • Concerts – Anime Matsuri 2023 featured a sensational concert arena. Kpop Group Verivery performed live in Houston along with an autograph session, hi-touch, and fan panels for the fans. The concert was all-inclusive in the tickets for the event, however, other activities were charged separately. Another band known as ASH DA HERO, famously known for performing the opening song ‘Judgement’ of Blue Lock anime performed a concert at the event. Finally, it was Gacharic Spin, a Japanese Rock Band known for their aggressive and flamboyant performances across Japan, USA, and Europe.
  • Fashion Show – The fashion show was scheduled for Friday, August 11, and featured Japanese brands such as Acrylagitt, Kikirarashoten, and Putumayo.
  • Cosplay Contest – The Cosplay Contest was scheduled for August 12, 2023, and featured an interesting lineup of cosplayers from across the world.
  • Nerdlesque Show – This was an event at Anime Matsuri 2023 that fuses nerds with the art of burlesque and is strictly 18+!
  • Other activities included Autographs and Photo Ops, Formal Dance, Console Gaming, Hentai Fest, Cosplay Cafe, Tenjin Festival, and Sumo Slam.

Anime Matsuri 2024 will feature these events with the hope of making it a grander convention in the process. It should be noted that these events are a part of the cultural significance that the convention has held over the last two decades and are celebrated with great pomp and show. Other attractions for the convention include Volunteer options, karaoke battles, food trucks, exhibitors, and artists, giving the participants a chance to win badges, superpasses, and much more.

How to book tickets for Anime Matsuri 2024?

Anime Matsuri 2024 guide - everything we know so far
Events at Anime Matsuri. (Image credit goes to Anime Matsuri Official Website)

Tickets for Anime Matsuri 2024 can be booked through their official website and their official application. People can register for badges, super passes, industry, and press as well, however, the charges for various days and events too would vary according to preferences. A detailed breakdown of this will be provided by the organization in the upcoming months, things that we will update here as well. Moreover, hotel bookings and travel guides are available at Anime Matsuri’s official website.


Anime Matsuri is more than just a regular anime convention. It is an amalgamation of like-minded individuals who gather to uncover and unravel their love for anime and the world of Japanese culture. To stay updated with all information regarding such anime conventions and other anime updates, subscribe to our newsletter at Spiel Anime!

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