Isayama confirms and reveals changes in the Attack on Titan anime ending: How different is it going to be?

Attack on Titan anime ending

The Attack on Titan Anime ending has become highly contentious ever since the manga came to an end in 2021. “Will we get an anime original ending?”, and many other questions have clouded the minds of Attack on Titan fans. If you’re one such fan, today is your lucky day!

The director of Attack on Titan has confirmed that the Attack on Titan anime ending will be different from the manga. But how different will it be? This article will answer all your questions and prepare you for what’s coming your way on November 4th

Have we manifested the Anime Original Ending dream into reality?

Attack on Titan finale
The Colossal Titan in Attack on Titan | Image Courtesy of Studio MAPPA

An anime original ending has been debated a lot. Fans wanted their beautiful years-long journey to have at least a satisfactory end.

  • Contrary to these expectations, the manga ending has been labeled as ‘bad’ and ‘subpar’.
  • Several fans limited their enjoyment of Attack on Titan to the anime only.
  • With all the enraged reactions on the internet, their only hope for a good end became the ending of Attack on Titan anime, bringing the idea of an anime original ending to light.

With Hajime Isayama’s recent confirmation, we finally have leads regarding an anime original ending. We will not be getting an entirely original ending to Attack on Titan anime. Before you enter the realm of hopelessness and despair, let us tell you that there will be some changes to the ending. To an extent, we’ll be getting a different ending from the manga. 

Attack on Titan Anime Ending: Changes that have been confirmed

Jean and Connie
Jean and Connie in Attack on Titan trailer | Image Courtesy of Studio MAPPA

First off, an entirely original ending wouldn’t have made much sense. As the manga ending was not straight-up bad, the intensity of the stakes and the consequences had a drastic mismatch which was the main problem with it. The changes that we’ll get to see in the final part are made by Hajime Isayama himself. 

  • The changes have been included in the storyboarding process of the finale. A quick rundown of what storyboarding is: It’s a visual script of how the anime will look like. The script is drawn as an attempt to visualize all the important details. 
  • With that, the changes will mostly have to do with the execution. There’ll be a few tweaks in the dialogues as well, as they primarily led to the confusion. 
Attack on Titan anime
A still from the final trailer of Attack on Titan anime | Image Courtesy of Studio MAPPA
  • Besides the execution and dialogues, we can expect some added scenes as well. Any other specifications on these changes will land us in the spoiler category. 


Levi Ackerman
Captain Levi Ackerman in Attack on Titan Finale | Image Courtesy of Studio MAPPA

The anime-onlies will get to experience the best of both worlds with the ending of Attack on Titan anime. They’ll get to experience the manga ending with anime-only additions. Hopefully, these additions will serve their purpose and everything that has been lost in translation will get the compensation that was due.

The animation front looks absolutely incredible in the final trailer which was released recently. You know what else looks incredible? The Spiel Anime Newsletter which comes out twice every week with all things anime paired up with cool designs. As for Attack on Titan, in just a few days the decade-long journey that holds so much significance in our hearts will come to an end, but not without a bang! 

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