Jobless Reincarnation: Will Rudeus be able to uncover the mysteries of Hitogami at the Academy?

Jobless reincarnation

With the third episode of Jobless Reincarnation season 2 being on the way, a lot many people are speculating about his soon-to-come arc in “Ranoa Magic Academy” and whether it will yield good results regarding the future of the story.

Well, our readers have nothing to worry about since we are bringing forth a detailed guide regarding Rudeus’s time in the Magic Academy (Spoiler Warning for Anime-only fans), so let’s get started shall we?

The Cure for Dysfunction

While sulking in his depression, Rudeus is visited by his father’s friend Elinalise who informs him that, they have tracked the location of his mother Zenith, but they can’t embark right away due to the snow storms that are surrounding the northern continent.

Elinalise meets Rudeus
Image Courtesy: Shirotaka

Rudeus is also made aware that he has received a scholarship invitation from the “Ranoa Magic Academy”, and while he is hesitant at first, he accordingly complies after being informed by Hitogami that this may be his chance to cure his erectile dysfunction (self-actualized trauma is terrifying).

Rudeus and his merry Band

So, Rudeus is finally studying at the acclaimed academy and you may be wondering what events he engages in. Well… about that, let’s just say “hijinx” is a tame term when describing his pursuits in the academy, but let’s list out a few for a better idea: –

  • On the first day of university, he gets accused of stealing panties and is then stigmatized for the rest of the year by the girl’s dorm as a lecherous pervert (not fair, even though he really is one).
Rudeus being called a pervert
Image Courtesy: Shirotaka
  • He also gets wrapped up in a gang war and somehow makes his way up the hierarchy of the academy by unintentionally beating the top delinquents Pursena and Linia in a duel (this only breeds further trouble).
  • He also gets trapped in a marriage duel where he has to fight the marriage suitors who came to claim the top delinquent duo as their wives (against his will), and all this culminated in him being forced to fight the Demon King Badigadi.
  • He also has to deal with his erectile dysfunction, while simultaneously trying his best to hide it from the rest of the school. All the while Fitz (who is Sylphy in disguise), is trying her best to have him sleep with her.
Rudeus vs Badigadi
Image Courtesy: Shirotaka

The goal of Impotence

Rudeus’s life is not all bad, he is currently in the midst of investigating the teleportation incident alongside Nanahosi (the companion to Dragon God Orsted) and he is also making breakthroughs in his relationship with Fitz (Who he later learns is his childhood darling Sylphy). During the time that he stays in the Academy, Rudeus: –

  • Gets married to Sylphiette and buys a haunted mansion (which he soon learns is cursed by a killer doll), and proceeds to live his happy RPG married life.
Ruijerd accompanying norn and aisha
Image Courtesy: Shirotaka
  • He also becomes friends with Nanahosi and gets to learn more about teleportation magic, which helps him in his research for the “mana displacement incident”.
  • He even starts living with his sisters Aishi and Norn, after Paul sent them to Rudeus alongside Ruijerd (who is acting as their bodyguard).
  • He also gains political support from princess ariel and the student council (in return for his support in the Asura coup).


Though Rudeus still lacks the means to research Hitogami or even identify him, He is still learning about this new world as he grows. A lot is left to be revealed but the information that’s been provided is still crucial to the world-building and development of the plot. Looking at where the plot is headed, we can say for sure that the story of Jobless reincarnation has just begun proper and it would be a missed opportunity to not stick with it.

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