Milgram Anime: A Psychological Thriller in Prison – What is it about + where to watch it?

10 Prisoners from Milgram Anime

In the realm of captivating anime series, there’s one psychological thriller that has been garnering attention recently – Milgram Anime. This unique interactive music project is the brainchild of DECO*27 and Yamanaka Takuya. Set within the confines of a mysterious prison, Milgram Anime offers viewers an immersive experience through the eyes of the amnesiac prison guard Es, guided by the talking rabbit known as Jackalope.

The series invites the audience to uncover the truth behind the prisoners’ crimes and determine if they deserve forgiveness. With its intriguing premise, Milgram’s Anime captivates viewers as they navigate through the intricate web of secrets and guilt.

Milgram Anime’s enigmatic prison: A Journey of discovery

A still from Milgram episode 1
A still from Milgram’s Episode 1 (Image via Milgram’s YouTube channel)

The story of Milgram Anime follows Es, a prison guard who awakens in an unfamiliar place with no recollection of their past. The enigmatic rabbit, Jackalope, introduces themselves and reveals that Es’s role is to oversee the ten prisoners held captive within the Milgram Prison.

However, there’s a shocking twist: all the prisoners are murderers. Es is tasked with unraveling the prisoners’ crimes and motivations, leading to a crucial decision of voting guilty (not forgiven) or innocent (forgiven).

The Trials and the Power of music

A still from The First Trial Music Video of Milgram
A still from The First Trial Music Video of Milgram (Image via Milgram’s YouTube channel)

Milgram Anime employs a unique three-trial system, each accompanied by a song dedicated to every prisoner. These songs serve as clues to unravel the depths of each inmate’s crime. As a viewer, you have the opportunity to participate by voting for the prisoners once a day through the official website or the MILGRAM Portal app.

  • Your votes can impact the progression of the series, potentially changing the songs and even the placement of prisoners in the subsequent trial.
  • This interactive element adds an exciting layer of engagement and suspense to the overall viewing experience.

Unlocking the Secrets: Plot and Studio

As Es delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the prisoners, the plot unfolds with unexpected twists and turns. Es’s judgments are based on the captivating songs and accompanying music videos extracted from the prisoners’ minds, offering insight into their darkest motivations. The journey of discovery within the Milgram Prison explores themes of guilt, redemption, and its unique concept engages viewers through their participation.

Milgram Anime is brought to life by the creative efforts of Studio Daisy and OTOIRO, known for their dedication to producing visually stunning and thought-provoking anime series. Their expertise in storytelling and animation ensures a captivating and immersive experience for viewers.

Where to watch Milgram anime

For those eager to immerse themselves in the world of Milgram Anime, the series can be watched for free on YouTube. The first episode of this series was uploaded on 1st May on YouTube. The viewers do not need to subscribe to any OTT platform as the whole series will be available to watch for free.

For the first time in the history of anime, a whole series will be uploaded to YouTube by its producers. The accessibility of this platform allows a wide range of audiences to engage with the psychological thriller, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences among viewers.


In conclusion, Milgram Anime stands out as a psychological thriller that captivates audiences through its unique interactive elements, compelling storytelling, and exploration of human nature within the confines of a prison setting. With its engaging plot, captivating music, and intriguing characters, Milgram Anime offers a truly immersive experience for anime enthusiasts and fans of psychological thrillers alike.


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