Solo Leveling Season 2 announced — Will it Redeem the Anime After Season 1’s Letdown?

A still from Solo Leveling Season 2 announcement PV

Solo Leveling fans were treated to exciting news today as the ending of Episode 12 revealed that Season 2 has been greenlit. Officially titled Solo Leveling Season 2 -Arise from the Shadow-, the new season will stream on Crunchyroll when it airs, though no release date has been confirmed at the time of publication.

A short PV trailer accompanied the announcement, along with character art for Igris, who made his debut in Episode 11.

  • While specific details are scarce, in an interview, author Choi Won-young stated the anime’s second season is scheduled to arrive within a year of Season 1’s conclusion.
  • Since we know that Solo Leveling Season 2 is currently slated for a late 2024 premiere, we’re estimating a release window of Oct-Dec 2024.

While the announcement of Solo Leveling Season 2 is undoubtedly exciting, it’s hard to ignore how Season 1 failed to completely deliver on its immense hype. This particular adaptation garnered sky-high expectations, which may have paradoxically set it on an impossible path.

Though it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where the anime went wrong, the end result felt somewhat lackluster to many fans. This has inevitably sparked concerns over whether Season 2 can course-correct and redeem the series.

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Can Solo Leveling Season 2 Redeem the Anime After Season 1’s Letdown?

A still from Solo Leveling Manhwa
A still from Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via D&C Media)
  • With Season 1 having adapted up to Chapter 45 of the webtoon, concluding with the Job Change Arc at a pace of roughly four chapters per episode, Season 2 is expected to commence with the Red Gate Arc (Chapter 46).
  • This storyline sees Jinwoo becoming more involved with guilds, though a plan of his fails miserably. If the season maintains a similar pacing, it could potentially adapt all the way up to the Return to Demon Castle Arc (around Chapter 89) or the early events of the Jeju Island Arc.

Among other revelations, the new season promises to shed light on why the architect chose Jinwoo out of all the available Hunters. However, what us manhwa readers are most eager for is the introduction of Beru, who famously clashes with Jinwoo during the Jeju Island arc before eventually joining his Shadow army as a key member.

The Red Gate arc is widely regarded as one of the manhwa’s most hyped storylines, marking the first-time viewers truly get to see the shadows in action. And if Season 2 does indeed make it to Jeju Island, the explosive fight with Beru alone could make it worth the wait for fans.

Of course, after Season 1’s mixed reception, it’s wise not to set expectations too high. But the source material certainly provides exciting narrative beats that, if adapted faithfully, could make Solo Leveling Season 2 a must-watch for any fan of the series.


Solo Leveling Season 2, titled Solo Leveling Season 2 -Arise from the Shadow-, is on the way and will stream on Crunchyroll, though no firm release date has been set.

While Season 1 disappointingly failed to live up to the immense hype surrounding the popular manhwa’s anime adaptation, Season 2 could offer redemption. Slated for a late 2024 premiere, likely arriving around October or November based on comments from the author. The new season is expected to adapt the highly-anticipated Red Gate Arc (Chapters 46-89) of the source material.

This arc will not only mark the first time viewers get to see the shadows in action, but will also introduce fan-favorite character Beru, who goes on to join Jinwoo’s Shadow Army after an epic fight during the Jeju Island storyline, which Season 2 may partially cover as well.

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