The one behind the System explored: Who’s the Architect in Solo Leveling?

The Architect in Solo Leveling anime.

The Architect in Solo Leveling is perhaps the most mysterious character in the anime at this point. As the antagonist of the first Double Dungeon incident, the Architect is the mastermind behind the System and perhaps the only one who has the power to manipulate the entirety of the two worlds.

As the anime proceeds, we shall see more of the Architect and how his System is specifically designed to exploit Sung Jinwoo for a higher purpose and in exchange help him elevate his level by completing tasks and deadlines. In this article, we shall discuss the role of the Architect in Solo Leveling and try to understand how the System is programmed to create the protagonist’s destiny.

Introducing the Architect in Solo Leveling

The Architect, who also functions as the main antagonist of the Double Dungeon Arc and the overarching antagonist of the D-Rank Dungeon Arc, is the secondary antagonist in Solo Levelling. He is the one who created Sung Jin-Woo’s program, the “System,” as well as the boss of the Double Dungeon and the secret boss of the same dungeon. The Architect was a narcissistic and psychotic individual who was immensely contemptuous of mankind and took tremendous joy in his work.

The Architect smiling in Solo Leveling manhwa.
The Architect in Solo Leveling manhwa. (Image credit goes to D&C media)

The Architect is a misanthrope who is proud of his creations that are intended to harm others and are cruel. In the first Double Dungeon Incident, he almost eliminated every member except for five, displaying his arrogance and brutality. In Solo Levelling, the Architect enjoys being worshipped, and his temple has its own set of rules of devotion and reverence.

The Architect appeared as a massive stone statue of a hooded angel with six wings, eight arms, flashing light red eyes, black sclera, a sly smile, and a thin, oval-shaped purple gemstone in the center of his forehead in Solo Leveling Manhwa Chapter 125, however, appears to be a hooded statue holding the plank with the temple guidelines in the first episode of the Solo Levelling anime.

The Architect and the System in Solo Leveling – unraveling the magical realism in the series


The Relation between the Architect and System in Solo Leveling

The Architect is the main mastermind and the designer of the System in Solo Leveling. Besides being a self-proclaimed God and the manipulating force behind both worlds, the Architect designed the System for a purpose that not only served his interests but also that of Ashborn, the Shadow Monarch.

The Architect in Solo Leveling manhwa
The Architect in Solo Leveling Chapter 125. (Image credit goes to D&C Media)
  • Sometime after the Monarchs began their attack on humanity, the Architect approached Ashborn and requested immortality in return for his assistance in locating a suitable human vessel.
  • Ashborn accepted the proposal because he was already finding it difficult to seek alone, and the Architect developed the System to expedite the search.
  • The Architect eventually discovered Sung Jinwoo, a person who passed all of his tests and exceeded all of his expectations, after years of fruitless searching. Even yet, he disagreed that Jinwoo was the best option and objected when Ashborn finally decided to make the kid his vessel.

Ashborn and Sung Jinwoo betrayal in the Double Dungeon Arc in Solo Leveling

When Jinwoo achieved level 100, the Architect summoned him back to the Double Dungeon so that the Ashborn may use him as their vessel and eventually descend into the human realm, as intended. The Architect put Jinwoo in a trance-like state and waited for Ashborn’s arrival after Jinwoo killed his statues in a series of vicious conflicts to pass his test with flying colors.

Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling Episode 6
Sung Jinwoo going against fellow Hunters in Solo Leveling Episode 6 after the System orders him to eliminate them. (Image credit goes to Studio A-1 Pictures)
  • However, in a tragic turn of events for the Architect in Solo Leveling, Ashborn intended to transmit his abilities to Jinwoo so that he would become his successor rather than using Jinwoo as his vessel.
  • He decided to give Jinwoo the black heart and deceive the Architect by preventing him from accessing the System as a result.
  • Ashborn deprived the Architect of the authority over the system. In a turn of events, the God was slain by the Weakest Hunter of All Mankind and became the heir to the throne of the Shadow Monarch and his army.

The Architect and Sung Jinwoo – a symbiotic relationship

In Solo Leveling Episode 6, Sung Jinwoo realizes the role and purpose of the System in his life. He understands the perils and hazards that weakness undergoes in a world of the strong and the powerful. He also believes that the role of the system is not simply to put him into a simulation and exploit his free will, but rather, it has a purpose that serves itself in the process as well.

Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling anime
Sung Jinwoo realizes that he is the System’s pawn, a game that the Architect is playing. (Image credit goes to Studio A-1 Pictures)

What I mean to say is – that the System needs Jinwoo as much as Jinwoo needs the System. This relationship is proof of the fact that Jinwoo will not face death and will constantly be leveling up (or what is commonly referred to as the Second Awakening, or like Yonhoo suggested – False Ranker).


To sum it all up, the Architect is an angel who makes a pact with the Shadow Monarch Ashborn and chooses Sung Jinwoo to become the vessel by making him strong through the System. The Architect and the Weakest Hunter of All Mankind Jinwoo are two sides of the same coin, they must stick together to exist but never find a common ground. To keep yourself updated with all things Solo Leveling, subscribe to our Newsletter at Spiel Anime!

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