Are repressed emotions of teens a reason why Mignon BL is such a success?

Are repressed emotions of Teens a reason why Mignon BL is such a success

Mignon BL is an original anime from South Korea. It has a total of twelve episodes with each episode having a runtime of an average of five minutes. It falls under the boy love and romance genres. Moreover, the general themes are centred around homosexuality and vampire thriller. The Mignon BL anime is popular among teens and it serves as a short anime treat that conveys and connects with a lot of emotional and psychological traumas.

What is the basic plot of the Mignon BL anime?

The Mignon BL anime follows the life of the titular character who is an underground boxer. He earns a living through his fights but has an instructor who is abusive. Moreover, his abusive instructor beats him mercilessly and often feeds himself on Mignon’s battles and earnings. But amidst all of his tragedies, Mignon sees a ray of hope in his strange attraction for a doctor.

Are repressed emotions of Teens a reason why Mignon BL is such a success
The Vampire Doctor in Mignon BL. (Image credit goes to Panda Tower Studio)

Mignon often visits this doctor to get his injuries treated. However, he soon falls in love and even when the doctor asks Mignon to get himself a better job, Mignon turns a deaf ear and chooses to be lost in his love. But one day suddenly, he drops at the dump unannounced and finds his doctor drinking the blood of a patient, only to discover that the man is actually a vampire. Following this, Mignon has a bounty on his head for the discovery he accidentally made.

Why is Mignon BL anime a different case study altogether?

The Mignon BL anime is the tale of an illegal cage fighter, his love who turns out to be a vampire and his struggle for survival. But, more than that, it is the story with a significant Korean theme: the BL or Boy Love twist. There aren’t many Korean or Japanese shows which have experimented with the BL theme, and that makes Mignon an interesting case altogether.

Are repressed emotions of Teens a reason why Mignon BL is such a success
Mignon in the BL anime. (Image credit goes to Panda Tower Studio)

Mignon BL anime examines the idea of love versus survival. It is the love bond shared between two individuals of the same sexual orientation but of two different species, both hostile towards one another. This makes Mignon a fairly different case study because while it examines and portrays the daily struggles related to homosexuality in society, it also dives into the genre of romance and thriller, a tale of love and survival battling against one another. This makes the entire show a metaphor for repressed emotional desires and the implosion which it creates.

Is Mignon BL anime loved by teens due to its portrayal of the repressed emotional traumas of the age?

Mignon is one of the prettiest Korean BL anime shows. But, behind the prettiness lies a dark reality. It is the story of love, loss, fear, and survival. These themes constantly revolve around and dictate the narrative. But, at the same time, these themes are also a metaphor for the repressed emotional state of an average teenager.

Are repressed emotions of Teens a reason why Mignon BL is such a success
The Doctor drinking blood from his patient. (Image credit goes to Panda Tower Studio)
  • The theme of homosexuality further validates this argument, as teenagers tend to confront themselves of their sexuality mostly during this period and their struggles against society often result in a lot of repressed emotional traumas.
  • The Mignon BL anime, therefore, gained its popularity for portraying this frustrating state of mind and for projecting an image of reality which is so disjunctive and dysfunctional.


The Mignon BL anime can be considered an anime show which gained its popularity due to the portrayal of themes that connect with teens and that particular age group. Moreover, due to its short and crisp storytelling, it also becomes an interesting watch.

Apart from that, the portrayal of a repressed protagonist further validates the repressed emotional traumas which teens go through, making it a reliable and relatable watch as well.

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