Are Terraformars and Transformers the same franchise?

Are Terraformars and Transformers the same franchise

When we say iconic characters, many faces come to our minds. Among them, Optimus Prime is a sure hit from our childhood. While we may have outgrown our bodies, we have not outgrown our love for Transformers. Could we have received an anime adaptation that went under the table? Is Terraformars another adaptation of our beloved Transformer Franchise? How about we find out!!

The Robotic Marvel: Transformers

Looking back to their history, Transformers began with a Toy Line, not with animated series or live-action movies. With the combined effort of Hasbro and Takara Tony, a new type of toy was popularized. A transforming mecha toy that had a story behind it. Divided between two alien factions, Autobots and Decepticons, they captivated the young minds of that generation.

Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime | Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The Franchise has received many media adaptations since its inception in 1984. Beginning with an animated series, it soon had comic books, video games, and live-action under the same name. The Franchise’s Timeline could be divided into multiple parts, where the first two paved the path to future endeavors: Generation 1, which began from 1984 to 1993, and Generation 2, which began from 1993 to 1995.

Generation 1: 

  • The Transformers TV series (1985): Produced by Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions.
  • The Transformers: The Movie (2005)
  • OVA: Scrambled Cities, Super-God Masterforce, Victory and Zone
  • The Transformers:  The Headmasters (1984)
Generation 1
Generation 1 | Courtesy of Marvel Production

Generation 2:

  • Transformers: Generation 2: The series delves deep into the history of the character’s reproductive abilities and the reasons behind its abolishment.
  • Alignment: During the 2001 and 2002 Transforce conventions, the cliffhanger of Generation 2 was cleared by writer Simon Furman with this novella.
Generation 2
Generation 2 | Courtesy of Marvel Comics

March toward Alien Infestation: Terraformars

Terraformars is a story of Humanity’s survival. To colonize Mars, they sent in two species that could endure the harsh conditions of the planet: Algae and Cockroaches. Their plan was a success, but it backfired. Mars was terraformed, however, cockroaches evolved to become the Alpha species of Mars.

Evolved Cockroaches
Terraformars | Courtesy of LIDENFILMS

Now in the 26th century, Humanity has been plagued by a disease known as the Alien Engine Virus. The cure suspected to be on Mars, humanity must now defeat the terraformers that reside as the ruling species. The series started with a manga under the same name, serializing in Shueisha and then later shifting to Weekly Jump.

  • The series received a live-action adaptation, directed by Takashi Miike, on April 29, 2016.
  • Three light novel series: Terra Formars Lost Mission I by Akira Higashiyama, Terra Formars Lost Mission II by Yumeaki Hirayama, and Terra Formars The Outer Mission I by Kenichi Fujiwara.
  • A Nintendo 3DS game titled Terra Formars: Akari Hoshi no Gekitou was developed by FuRyu.
  • A Panchiko game machine was developed by KYORAKU.

Terraformars vs. Transformers

While each deals with the theme of battling aliens and has a similar resounding name, they both are two different franchises. With humanity at its core, each Franchise deals with a different premise.

  • In Terraformars, humanity leaves Earth to find a cure, while in Transformers, aliens come to Earth to colonize it.
  • In Terraformars, humans fight evolved cockroaches on Mars, while in Transformers, aliens fight against each other on Earth.
  • In Terraformars, the Cockroaches have evolved to have a human-like appearance, while in Transformers, the Autobots and the Decepticons can transform into vehicles and animals.

[Translation: Soon in Anime, Terraformars X Transformers]

Each with its unique take on Humans and their long list of adversaries, Terraformars cannot compete with the fame and popularity of Transformers. The beloved Transformers has multiple media adaptations, however, Terraformars isn’t one under it. Although having a parallel chime to their names confuses the fans, they are both equally enjoyable.

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