Are the Seraphims stronger than their Original Counterpart?

Are the Seraphims stronger than their Original Counterpart

The Seraphims are the most recent addition to One Piece’s band of enigmatic and bizarre scientific advancements. When the Seven Warlords system was disbanded, it was revealed that Dr. Vegapunk had managed to create a new type of weapon that rendered the Warlords useless.

However, given that we haven’t seen them all that much in action yet, especially not all of them, one question remains. Are the Seraphims stronger than their Original Counterpart? Let’s find out.

Seraphims – What are they?

The Seraphim are clones of former Seven Warlords of the Sea, made using Lineage Factor and King’s genetics. They rapidly grow and are infused with Green Blood, allowing them to mimic Devil Fruit abilities. Expensive to create due to rare Lunarian DNA, they’re considered the pinnacle of science by inventor Vegapunk.

They follow orders from Five Elders, Vegapunk, Sentomaru, or an “authority chip” holder. Orders can’t be overridden by equals. They attack as commanded, even risking lives. Koby struggled to control them during an Amazon Lily siege, suggesting difficulty in control.

Powers and Abilities

One Piece With Luffy being an Emperor, is he still part of the Monster Trio (3)
Zoro vs Mihawk | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The strength of the Seraphims forced even Blackbeard into a defensive stance, demonstrating their power against his subordinates. Resilient due to Lunarian traits, they sustain minimal harm from attacks. Green Blood provides artificial Paramecia-type Devil Fruit powers based on warlords’ abilities, allowing unique attacks.

However, this leaves them vulnerable to standard Devil Fruit weaknesses such as the inability to swim and weakness to Seastone. They age, grow stronger, express feelings, speak, and make limited decisions. However, they don’t shy away from manipulating enemies by exploiting their childlike appearance. Notably, S-Snake does this.

Seraphims vs Warlords

While the Seraphims are extremely strong, they still are cloned Pacifistas. All seven Seraphims are modeled after a few of the most notorious and strongest Pirates in the entire Grand Line. When it comes to dealing with their own counterparts, their enhancements and the original’s power levels play a huge role.

  • Obviously, Mihawk’s Seraphim has no chance of beating him in a fight. This doesn’t make sense from both a narrative stance and a power scaling stance. As the World’s strongest Swordsman, a mere clone would not be able to take down Mihawk. Jinbe and S-Shark’s battle would also go quite similarly.
  • S-Bear, Kuma’s Seraphim, was shown to be extremely durable. It was able to withstand a combined attack from Luffy and Rob Lucci, two awakened Zoan users. Still, given that we haven’t seen Kuma’s battle capabilities, it is too premature to decide a winner.
  • In the case of Gecko Moria and Crocodile, it would be an acceptable assumption to favor the Seraphims. both of these Warlords were defeated by Pre-Timeskip Luffy who didn’t even have a grasp on the concept of Haki. They might struggle against their own clones, given all the amps the Serpahims have.
  • Doflamingo can Awaken his fruit, which makes him quite a powerful adversary. The Seraphim of Doflamingo would have to match at least Luffy’s Gear 4 in terms of power to stand up to the warlord. Hancock on the other hand boils down to raw physical strength as the Devil Fruits of both the original and the Clone doesn’t work on the other.


One Piece With Luffy being an Emperor, is he still part of the Monster Trio (3)
Jimbei | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The Seraphims, designed by Dr. Vegapunk, were intended to replace the Seven Warlords of the Sea in the Three Great Powers hierarchy and thus are incredibly powerful beings. Their Lunarian Lineage Factor grants the same level of resilience and speed boost seen with the Lunarians.

Still, that alone wouldn’t let them beat their original in a fair fight. While the weaker Warlords might bite the dust against their clones, the likes of Jinbe and Mihawk are sure to triumph over them.






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