Attack on Titan Requiem receives an animation by Studio Eclypse: Everything you need to know about it

A snapshot from the Attack on Titan no Requiem teaser

The world of Attack on Titan is set to be revisited with a different perspective as the Attack on Titan Requiem anime adaptation is announced. It is a non-canonical reimagining of the series’ conclusion by a group of dedicated fans and is receiving an anime adaptation courtesy of Studio Eclypse.

A fan-ending manga finds just the right fans to bring an alternate ending to the popular show. This article will explore the details surrounding this upcoming project, and what can you expect upon its release.

Studio Eclypse: From fans to animators

Studio Eclypse is a relatively new animation studio, founded in 2020 by a team of passionate creators. While Requiem will be their first major project, they’ve already garnered attention for their animation work on independent projects. 

Interestingly, Studio Eclypse is also tackling another beloved manga series – Berserk. After the passing of the original author, Kentaro Miura, the future of the Berserk anime adaptation was uncertain. However, Studio Eclypse is stepping up to the challenge, aiming to complete the anime adaptation based on Miura’s vision.

A faithful animation


Studio Eclypse, the animation team behind AoTnR, has released teasers and trailers showcasing their work. The animation style appears to retain the intensity and action of the original Attack on Titan, however, the movements are more paced up and detailed than MAPPA’s work. Interestingly, Studio Eclypse incorporates traditionally hand-drawn frames alongside modern animation techniques, which appreciates the classic anime aesthetic.

Release date and more:

Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan no Requiem
Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan no Requiem (Image via Studio Eclypse)

Attack on Titan Requiem in both Japanese and English simultaneously! Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect:

  • Release Date: Fall 2024
  • Studio: Studio Eclypse
  • Format: Unknown (potentially a series of OVAs or a movie)

Voice Cast:

Other Credits:

  • 3D & Compositing: VibraAnims
  • Music: olaftupikmusic

An Alternate ending to Attack on Titan: What is Requiem about?

The cover page of Attack on Titan no Requiem manga
Attack on Titan Requiem manga (Image via @aotnorequiem)

Attack on Titan Requiem (AoTnR) is a doujinshi, which is a self-published manga created by fans. It takes the story of Attack on Titan and offers a different take on the events following the original manga’s ending. Inspired by the music video “Akatsuki no Requiem” by Linked Horizon, the project retells the last three chapters (chapters 137-139) of the original manga to offer a different conclusion to the story. The whole doujinshi is divided into three chapters and is available to read online for free of cost. 

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Is it the same story as the Attack on Titan anime?

Disclaimer released by Studio Eclypse for Attack on Titan no requiem
Disclaimer released by Studio Eclypse for Attack on Titan Requiem (Image via Studio Eclypse)

No, Attack on Titan Requiem is not part of the official AoT story and does not associate with Hajime Isayama in any way. As per the disclaimer released by the production Studio itself,  it is not an official continuation of the AoT story. It’s a fan-made project created with the utmost respect for the original work, but it doesn’t hold the same weight as the official manga or anime

It is a non-canon, meaning it’s not created or endorsed by the original creators of Attack on Titan. Think of it like a story written by another passionate fan, similar to how fan fiction works in other fandoms.

What will it be about?

Eren's farewell in Attack on Titan no Requiem manga
A still from Attack on Titan Requiem manga (Image via @aotnorequiem)

The Attack on Titan no Requiem offers a more realistic conversation between Eren and other characters and addresses all the plotholes of the original anime in a non-exaggerated way. It follows the main characters of AoT – Eren Yeager, and Mikasa Ackerman, and also shows Armin playing an active part in preventing the Rumbling. This doujinshi has been widely loved by fans of Attack on Titan, especially those who may have been disappointed with the official conclusion.


With its release date approaching in the Fall of 2024, Attack on Titan Requiem has generated significant anticipation among fans eager to experience an alternate take on AoT.  If you enjoyed the original AoT series but were curious about an alternate ending, this project might be worth checking out. It’s a chance to see how different choices could have shaped the characters’ destinies and the overall story.

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