Top 5 Moments That Prove Beru from Solo Leveling is More Than Just a Shadow Soldier

Sung Jin Woo standing next to Beru from Solo Leveling

Beru from Solo Leveling, the hulking Ant King shadow soldier from the hit Manhwa, has captivated readers with his stoic demeanor, immense strength, and surprising depth. While he initially appears as just another powerful monster under Jinwoo’s control, Beru’s moments throughout the story solidify him as much more than just a mindless shadow soldier.

Here are five moments that highlight Beru’s unique (and cute!) personality and unwavering loyalty, showcasing why he holds a special place in Jinwoo’s army:

Top 5 Moments of Beru From Solo Leveling

1. Stepping Up as a Leader

Beru from Solo Leveling bowing his hand with his hand over his heart in front of Jinwoo
Beru from Solo Leveling | Image via Webtoon

During the Busan A-Rank Gate raid, Beru takes decisive action when faced with fear-stricken and hesitant Knights Guild hunters. Ignoring their trepidation, he single-handedly obliterates the monsters, including the boss, demonstrating not only his immense power but also his ability to take initiative and lead effectively, even in unfamiliar situations. This leadership goes beyond brute force, showcasing Beru’s tactical prowess and willingness to take responsibility when needed.

2. A Taste of Culture

While tasked with protecting Jin-ah during her recovery, Beru experiences boredom and seeks entertainment. Surprisingly, he discovers Korean period dramas, leading him to develop a unique, albeit historically inaccurate, manner of speech. This moment reveals Beru’s capacity for curiosity and learning, albeit in an unexpected way. While humorously rebuked by Jinwoo, it highlights Beru’s desire to understand and interact with the human world beyond combat.

3. From Shadows to Slaughterer

Sung Jinwoo with Beru from Solo Leveling
Beru from Solo Leveling | Image via Webtoon

During the Tokyo arc, Beru proves instrumental in eliminating the giant threat. As part of Jinwoo’s shadow army, he showcases his ruthlessness and efficiency. However, his most impactful moment comes when he enters the Tokyo S-Rank Gate giant’s body through its eye, tearing it apart from within. This act showcases not only his immense power but also his willingness to engage in unorthodox tactics for Jinwoo’s sake, displaying fierce loyalty and adaptability.

4. Healing Hands

Beru from Solo Leveling scratching the sides of his face
Beru from Solo Leveling | Image via Webtoon

Witnessing Jinho’s near-death experience at Hwang Dongsoo’s hands, Jinwoo demonstrates the depth of their bond by switching places with Beru through Shadow Exchange. He entrusts Beru with the crucial task of healing Jinho, emphasizing not only Beru’s strength but also his trust in his shadow soldier’s loyalty and care. Beru’s successful healing reflects his versatility and demonstrates that his abilities extend beyond combat, proving him to be a valuable asset in protecting those Jinwoo holds dear.

5. The B(e)rute Force

Beru from Solo Leveling crying
Beru from Solo Leveling | Image via Webtoon

While brute force defines many shadow soldiers, Beru transcends power alone. Don’t be fooled by his easy tears, his essence lies in the rich tapestry of traits he possesses. As a Marshal Grade Shadow and the embodiment of the Ant King, he boasts immense power, ranking amongst the strongest in Jinwoo’s formidable army. Igris and Bellion stand as equals and superiors, respectively, in terms of raw strength, but Beru’s value extends far beyond mere might.


Beru bowing on his knees
Beru from Solo Leveling | Image via Webtoon

Throughout the story, Beru stands beside Jinwoo, facing countless dangers and enemies. His immense power is undeniable, making him one of the strongest shadows in Jinwoo’s army. However, it is his unwavering loyalty that truly defines him. From taking initiative in battles to protecting Jinah and healing Jinho, Beru prioritizes Jinwoo’s well-being and the safety of those he cares about above all else.

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