When will Beru appear in Solo Leveling Anime?

Potential Beru cameo in Solo Leveling anime

Sung Jin-Woo, the weakling turned badass hunter from Solo Leveling anime, has captured hearts with his solo journey and epic battles. But even the lone wolf needs a pack by his side and that’s why Beru, a powerful shadow monster becomes Jin-Woo’s loyal companion.

Fans eager to see this dynamic duo in action on screen might be wondering: When will Beru appear in the Solo Leveling anime? Get ready, because the answer (as always) isn’t as simple as a double dungeon dive.

Beru’s Solo Leveling Debute

Beru Solo Leveling glimpse
Beru Solo Leveling glimpse (Image via KakaoPage)

Beru makes his official appearance in the Jeju Island arc, which starts around Chapter 105 of the manhwa. Considering that only 6 episodes are remaining for the end of this season, we can not have high hopes for Beru’s appearance in anime.  Season 2 would likely need at least 8 episodes (if not more) to reach that point. This translates to a potential wait of at least another year before seeing Beru’s anime debut, assuming Solo Leveling Season 2 gets confirmed and maintains a similar pacing.

Solo Leveling Anime’s current status

A still from Solo Leveling anime
A still from Solo Leveling anime (Image via Studio A-1 Pictures)

First things first: As of February 2024, the Solo Leveling anime has only wrapped up Season 1. This season covered the first 24 chapters of the manhwa, and while it introduced our hero and his initial struggles, Beru is still chilling in the shadow realm. As per the sources, Solo Leveling anime is only listed for 12 episodes encompassing a single cour for the first season. This means that the complete season will adapt the first 40-60 chapters of Manga with the current pace. 

Studio A-1 Picture’s diversion: When will they bring him in?

The Ant King and Sung Jin Woo in Solo Leveling Manhwa during the Jeju Island Raid
Beru and Sung Jin Woo in Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via KakaoPage)

However it is too early too get disappointed yet, adaptations don’t always follow source material religiously. Especially when the Solo Leveling anime adaptation had already faced some conjecture for making changes in the Manhwa plot, it is possible that Studio A-1 Pictures could choose to:

  • Introduce Beru earlier: They might tease him in flashbacks or cameos, building anticipation for his full arrival. Think of it like how My Hero Academia hinted at All Might’s past before his epic reveal.
  • Fast-forward the story: While unlikely, A-1 Pictures could condense the earlier arcs to reach the Jeju Island arc sooner, potentially bringing Beru to the screen faster. Just like Attack on Titan Season 3 skipped some content to move the plot forward.
  • Surprise 2nd Cour: Studio decides to surprise the Solo Leveling fans by releasing the 2nd cour of the first season with another 12 episodes in which we might see glimpses of Beru in action.

Introducing Beru – The shadow of the past Ant King

Beru in Solo Leveling Manhwa
Beru in Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via KakaoPage)

For those new to the Solo Leveling universe, Beru isn’t just any other beasty soldier. He’s the shadow of the Ant King, a monstrous creature defeated by Sung Jin-Woo early in the manhwa. Recognizing Beru’s potential, Jin-Woo offers him a chance to join his ranks by reviving him and giving him the identity of “Beru”.

Why is he Important?

Beru surrendering himself to Sung Jin Woo in Solo Leveling Manhwa
Beru surrendering himself to Sung Jin Woo in Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via KakaoPage)

Beru isn’t just muscle, he’s a valuable asset to Jinwoo’s army. As a Marshal Grade Shadow, he is immensely powerful, smart, and durable. Beru’s best ability is that he devour enemies to gain their skills, turning his opponents’ power into his own. Plus, he can also fly and even heal his allies. In simpler terms, Beru is the Swiss army knife of shadows, always ready with the perfect tool for any situation. 


Beru’s arrival might be a while off, but the wait is worth it When he finally steps onto the anime screen, we are sure to witness some of the most epic duos of anime history. Until then, let’s hope Season 2 brings Beru into the spotlight soon.  Meanwhile, you can subscribe to the Spielanime Newsletter to become part of our anime community, and remember that even solo hunters need a loyal shadow by their side.

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