Top 10 Best Iyashikei Anime to Watch Right Now

posters of some Iyashikei Anime like K-on!, Yama no Susume, and the way of the househusband

If you ever get tired of Gege killing off your favorite characters and the intense turmoil, fast fight sequences, and all that a mainstream anime has to offer- then let me introduce you to iyashikei anime. Iyashikei is Japanese for “healing” and the anime do just that. They heal something that they never broke.

The feeling of comfort they emanate comes plainly from watching soothing scenes play out on the screen, anywhere from expansive fields to lovers reuniting, it paints a picture so rosy that it transports you from your reality to that one point in existence where everything feels right.

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Top 10 Best Iyashikei Anime

Iyashikei aims to heal the viewer through delivering a sense of relaxation and catharsis. This is accomplished through a tranquil – though not necessarily happy – in-show experience which allows the viewer to calm their mind and relax by focusing more on the emotional experience than on the intellectual. Here’s a list of anime that might just work the same for you as it did for us- 

10. Non Non Biyori

Renge, Komari, Hotaru, and Natsumi walking with breeze in the background in Non Non Biyori
Non Non Biyori | © SILVER LINK.

Hotaru Ichijou’s lifestyle completely changes when she leaves Tokyo and moves with her family to the isolated Asahigaoka village. Her new school has only five students including herself, all sharing a single classroom regardless of grade level. There are no convenience stores in the area, and it can take up to two hours for a bus to arrive.

Nevertheless, Hotaru finds herself captivated by the countryside’s charm thanks to her four unique schoolmates with whom she quickly forms a genuine bond. The most colorful of them is Renge Miyauchi, a first-grader who is often perceptive despite her age. However, no less intriguing are the three Koshigaya siblings: the quiet oldest brother Suguru, the petite older sister Komari, and the prankish youngest sister Natsumi.

9. Laid Back Camp

Rin, Nadeshiko, Aoi, Chiaki, and Ena looking off to the distant scenery of mountains in Laid Back Camp
Laid Back Camp | © C-Station

Having spent Christmas camping with her new friends, Rin Shima embarks on a solo camping trip to see the New Year sunrise by the sea. All goes according to plan until unforeseen weather blocks the roads back home, making a return trip impossible. Rin, who is now stranded for a few days, is invited by Nadeshiko Kagamihara to stay at her grandmother’s house.

What is supposed to be a two-day trip becomes an extended period of sightseeing and new experiences for Rin, and she encounters some new and old faces along the way. 

8. Super Cub

Koguma on a scooter looking towards the distance in Super Cub
Super Cub | © Studio Kai

Koguma, a reserved second-year high school student, has nothing—no parents, hobbies, friends, or goals. On her way home one afternoon, she visits a vehicle shop in hopes of acquiring a motor scooter. With only enough money to make ends meet, she is disheartened by the price tags and prepares to turn back.

However, as she is about to leave, the shop’s owner offers her a pre-owned Honda Super Cub for ten thousand yen. Believing that the motorcycle will help brighten her monotonous world, she accepts the deal. As Koguma journeys through her town on small adventures with her Super Cub, she begins to build irreplaceable friendships and eagerly advances toward her new life.

7. Do It Yourself

The Cast of Do It Yourself looking towards the beach in their swimsuits
Do It Yourself | © PINE JAM

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has led to the development of cutting-edge technologies that have rapidly evolved the world. As a result, schools have begun incorporating these technologies into their curriculum, leaving behind the ways of the old. One such institution is the elite Yuyu Girls’ Vocational High School, where both Serufu Yua and her childhood friend, Miku “Purin” Suride, have applied. Although the tech-savvy Purin is accepted to Yuyu High, the accident-prone Serufu is rejected and enters the traditional Gatagata Girls’ High School instead, driving a wedge into their friendship.

On her way to class one day, Serufu gets into a bike accident, and Rei Yasaku, a passerby who attends the same school, fixes her damaged bicycle. Serufu later finds out that Rei has a passion for old-fashioned crafts and is the head of the school’s Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Club—which is in danger of closing due to a lack of members.

Realizing that this may be her chance to repair her relationship with Purin, Serufu joins the club in hopes of creating projects that could bring them together once more. 

6. Yama no Susume

Aoi, Kokona, Hinata, and Kaede climbing the stairs in Yama no Susume
Yama no Susume | © 8bit

Aoi prefers indoor hobbies and is afraid of heights, but her childhood friend Hinata loves to show off her passion for mountain climbing. As young children, they once watched the sunrise from the top of a mountain, and now they’ve decided to take up mountain climbing in hopes of seeing that sunrise again. They have cooking battles with mountaineering gear, climb small hills in their neighborhood, and meet new mountaineering friends as they learn the ropes of the hobby. 

5. K-On! 

Mio, Yui, Azusa, Tsumugi, and Ritsu on the stage jumping
K-On!  | © Kyoto Animation

A fresh high school year always means much to come, and one of those things is joining a club. Being in a dilemma about which club to join, Yui Hirasawa stumbles upon and applies for the Light Music Club, which she misinterprets to be about playing simple instruments, such as castanets. Unable to play an instrument, she decides to visit to apologize and quit.

Meanwhile, the Light Music Club faces disbandment due to a lack of members. This causes the club members to offer anything, from food to slacking off during club time, in order to convince Yui to join. Despite their efforts, Yui insists on leaving due to her lack of musical experience. As a last resort, they play a piece for Yui, which sparks her fiery passion and finally convinces her to join the club.

4. Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness

Irino, and Yukihira consoling Koume in Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness
Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness | © Encourage Films

Ten years have passed since Nagomu Irino left his home to pursue his dream that ultimately failed. He finally decides to return after hearing that his father—owner of the Kyoto sweets store Ryokushou—has been hospitalized. Worrying that no one would inherit the shop if his father passes away, Nagomu prepares himself to embrace his family’s legacy and the art of making sweets⁠.

Unsurprisingly, Nagomu discovers that his father has already chosen a different successor—a 10-year-old girl named Itsuka Yukihira, who was abandoned at Ryokushou by her father for reasons unknown. While she has since become a part of the family and is now the shop’s poster girl, Itsuka still longs to see her father and follows all possible clues that may lead her to him. Sympathizing with Itsuka’s situation, Nagomu’s mother asks Nagomu to act as Itsuka’s father, hoping that Itsuka will open up to him and relieve her pain, even if just a little.

3. School Babysitters

The cast of School Babysitters posing for a picture
School Babysitters | © Brain’s Base

After losing both parents in a fatal plane crash, teenager Ryuuichi Kashima must adjust to his new life as the guardian of his younger brother Kotarou. Although Ryuuichi is able to maintain a friendly and kindhearted demeanor, Kotarou is a reserved toddler still too young to understand the reality of the situation. At their parents’ funeral, they are approached by Youko Morinomiya, the stern chairman of an elite academy, who decides to take them under her care.

However, there is one condition Ryuuichi must fulfill in exchange for a roof over their heads and enrolment in the school—he must become the school’s babysitter. In an effort to support the female teachers at the academy, a babysitter’s club was established to look after their infant children; unfortunately, the club is severely short-staffed, so now not only is Ryuuichi responsible for his little brother, but also a handful of toddlers who possess dynamic personalities.

2. The Way of the Househusband

Tatsu with a wide grin on his face on the poster of The way of the househusband
The Way of the Househusband | © J.C Staff
  • Episodes- 12
  • Where to watch: Netflix

Seemingly giving up the way of the yakuza, the legendary “Immortal Dragon” Tatsu, best known for his prolific skirmishes against rival gangs, has abruptly vanished. Unbeknownst to most, however, Tatsu is currently staying at an apartment with his wife, doing his best to live a peaceful life.

Donning his trusty apron, Tatsu is now striving to become an efficient homemaker. Because of this, he has mastered the required skills—be it cooking the most delicious dishes, making sure to get the best deals at supermarkets, and everything in between—garnering the surprise of both his former criminal subordinates and enemies alike. 

1. Any Studio Ghibli Movie 

Totoro, Mei, and Satsuki going through the grass as wind brushes through them in My Neighbour Totoro
My Neighbour Totoro | © Studio Ghibli

When I first understood the meaning of iyashikei anime, the first thing that came to my mind was Studio Ghibli, because that’s their entire USP. Iyashikei as a genre has existed for a long time, but the first work I can find to be called iyashikei is the 1991 anime film by Studio Ghibli Only Yesterday. And they just built up on it from that with stellar works like My Neighbour Totoro and the recently released The Boy and the Heron. You can find most of Studio Ghibli’s works on Netflix. 

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