Black Clover Manga new release schedule explained

Black Clover Manga new release schedule explained

The manga industry has been buzzing with the recent news that the popular Black Clover manga is leaving its long-time home, Shonen Jump. This surprise move has left fans perplexed, wondering what this implies for the future of their beloved manga. The Black Clover manga has ultimately decided to move from Weekly Shonen Jump to Shueisha’s Jump Giga magazine.

While fans were concerned about Yuki Tabata’s poor health and the manga’s extended suspension, this is a momentous statement that has considerably alleviated these anxieties.

Black Clover Manga bids adieu to Shonen Jump

According to HITC, the popular manga series will depart the well-known Shonen magazine following the publication of Chapter 368, which has leaked online. In the future, Jump Giga, which is similar to Weekly Shonen Jump, will serialize Black Clover. While Weekly Shonen Jump releases issues every week, Jump Giga has a quarterly release schedule, which means there is a three-month gap between points.

Black Clover Manga new release schedule explained
Black Clover is to be released in Jump Giga magazine. (Image credit goes to Viz Media)

Yuki Tabata, the creator of the Black Clover manga, recently stated in a handwritten message that he could no longer keep up with the weekly serialization of Black Clover owing to specific health concerns and has made a final choice. The transition was followed by the release of Black Clover Manga Chapter 368 on Weekly Shonen Jump, which was followed by a personal message.

What does Black Clover’s shift to Jump Giga mean for the manga’s schedule?

  • The beloved manga Black Clove­r is set to undergo a massive transition as it enters a new phase of its plot. After much conjecture and teasing, it has been officially announced that Yuki Tabata’s masterpiece would be going to Shueisha’s Jump Giga magazine.
  • This thrilling shift comes amid a flurry of intriguing disclosures following the newest Weekly Shonen Jump release.
Black Clover Manga new release schedule explained
Black Clover manga chapter 367. (Image credit goes to Viz Media)

As the Black Clover manga closes its run in Weekly Shonen Jump with chapter 368, fans eagerly await the series’ serialization in Jump Giga magazine, which is set for a Winter release. This change promises to usher in a new narrative perspective, as Jump Giga is known for producing one-shots and spin-offs that take a distinct approach to storytelling.

What would Black Clover manga’s new schedule be like?

The Black Clover manga as it starts serialization in Giga Jump will undergo some schedule changes. Jump Giga, which comes out once a quarter, has a more introspective cadence. With only four chapters scheduled per year, the Black Clover manga’s tempo will change. The last arc of the manga is filled with violent battles and dramatic showdowns. The plot of the manga may expand beyond its initial focus. However, switching to Jump Giga provides more than just a different setting.

Black Clover Manga new release schedule explained
Black Clover manga. (Image credit goes to Viz Media)

It will also undergo significant alterations. Some of these modifications include the continuous structure of each chapter.

  • The future chapters, which will be serialized in Jump Giga magazine, are likely to be 50 to 60 pages long.
  • Furthermore, given that each chapter will be released after a 3-month interval, it is expected that there will be multiple mini-arcs. Further updates about the new schedule can be expected to be around soon.


The transition of the Black Clover manga from Weekly Shonen Jump to Jump Giga is an exciting announcement for fans. The schedule of the manga is going to undergo tremendous change, but this also gives Tabata enough time to work deliriously on the details of the remaining arcs of the manga.

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