Black Dynamite Anime: Where to watch + Is it worth it?

Black Dynamite Anime is an American adult comedy series that was developed by Carl Jones for Adult Swim. The series follows an alternate continuity of sorts and falls under the ethnic subgenre of exploitation film called blaxploitation.

It is a genre that developed in the United States in the early 1970s and marks the offences against the Black community in presenting, portraying, and perpetuating stereotypes that are often involved in crime. Black Dynamite anime premiered in 2012 and has a total of two seasons with ten episodes each.

Black Dynamite anime – What is it about?

Black Dynamite anime is predominantly a parody and a tribute to the blaxploitation subgenre. It explores the adventures of Black Dynamite and his pals Bullhorn, Cream Corn, and Honey Bee as they engage in dangerously close misadventures. At times, these also involve famous celebrities like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, etc, and also feature the recurring villain of the plot and that of Black Dynamite, President Richard Nixon.

Black Dynamite Anime Where to watch + Is it worth it
Black Dynamite. (Image credit goes to Titmouse and Cartoon Network)

It also makes references to the original Black Dynamite film and the events of the show are set before the timeline of the original movie. Black Dynamite is an ex-CIA agent and a full-time ladies’ man, who is out in the wilderness of the concrete jungle to avenge the death of his brother, fighting against rogue ninjas, drug-dealing pimps, and the Man.

Black Dynamite Anime – cast information + where to watch

Black Dynamite anime has a wonderful and splendid cast that delivers a spotless series for entertainment. These members when put together have the capacity to bring out the flesh from an idea. The major cast of Black Dynamite is as under:

Black Dynamite Anime Where to watch + Is it worth it
The characters of the Black Dynamite animated series. (Image credit goes to Titmouse and Cartoon Network)
  • Black Dynamite – Michael Jai White
  • Bullhorn – Byron Minns
  • Honeybee – Kym Whitley
  • Cream Corn – Tommy Davidson
  • Frank the John – Carl Jones
  • Richard Nixon – Jonathan Kite
  • Basehead – Orlando Jones

Black Dynamite is a sensational anime that was produced by Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. It garnered immense popularity and soon became a favourite for the viewers, making it an even higher-grossing entertainment show than the original movie. Black Dynamite can be streamed on Adult Swim and Max with a paid subscription plan.

Is Black Dynamite Anime worth the watch?

Black Dynamite is almost too good of a show to even exist. It has the right amount of comedy which acts as a fitting response to the times and their conflicts. It has humour and comedy wrapped like a sandwich, making it a tool for social critique. Black Dynamite has beautifully designed characters, detailed animation, and the right musical score to fulfil the expectations of the movie.

Black Dynamite Anime Where to watch + Is it worth it
Black Dynamite. (Image credit goes to Titmouse and Cartoon Network)

Black Dynamite anime is filled with all forms from cheeky shots to serious takings. It is an anime that surpassed the expectations of the audience by making it a far better piece than the movie. It plays things casually and builds up the story in a gradual manner, making it a classical reunion of humour and action.


Black Dynamite anime is a classic of its genre and it has won the hearts and souls of many. With an astounding storyline, it helps portray the condition of the 70s American society and the conflicts which are associated due to various racial practices and stereotypes. It is a piece that narrates the tale of the oppressed through the eyes of their being, making it a classic in that sense.

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