Blue Lock Chapter 232: Why did Isagi pick Hiori over Kiyora?

Isagi and Hirori

The Bastard Munchen vs. Ubers match in Blue Lock manga is turning into a hotspot for pressure. Noel Noa decided to send Kiyora to the field as his replacement but Isagi interrupted his decision by asking for Hiyori. How will this affect the future events in Blue Lock chapter 232?

At this point in Blue Lock, everybody has decided to put their faith in Isagi, the ultimate egotist. Given all that he has achieved so far. He didn’t just ask for Hiyori but also risked his position as a playing member in the upcoming match. Why did Isagi pick Hiori over Kiyora when the stakes were so high? 

Why did Isagi pick Hiori over Kiyora?

Kiyora and Noel Noa from Blue Lock
Kiyora on the left and Noel Noa on the right | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

In Blue Lock chapter 231, the Bastard Munchen vs. Ubers match finally came to a point where it was all up to the new generation. The main players on the field right now are Isagi, Kaiser, and Barou. Everybody else is assisting them. Isagi’s decision to have Hiori on the field was a calculated one.

  • He has played with Hiori before, he knew that Hiori could support him and help him finish his puzzle. 
  • Even if it was not for Hiori, Kiyora would still not be Isagi’s second choice. It would be Kurona who is injured right now. 
  • Isagi also doesn’t have much prior experience with Kiyora. If Kiyora entered the field, he would need to assess everything from scratch. Considering the current situation an assessment would lead to their defeat. 
Hiori from Blue Lock manga
Hiori enters the Ubers vs. Bastard Munchen match | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA
  • From the creator’s point of view, they probably planned everything from the get-go. Given how we experienced a major part of the match from Hiori’s perspective. Introducing Kiyora at this point in the match would be a waste of all the potential he holds as a character. 

The Kiyora sequence in the recent chapter is a great setup for the PXG match as well. We know that he’ll play a huge role in the upcoming match. 

Blue Lock chapter 232: What to expect?

Isagi and Hiori in Blue Lock manga
Isagi and Hiori | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

We will witness a few more plays before this match comes to an end.

  • There’s Isagi and Hiori, who have the most chance to score the final goal. At the same time, if they fail to score the goal, Isagi will be benched in the next match. That will be an interesting turn in the story. 
  • Isagi and Hiori also have rivals within their team, Kaiser and Ness. Kaiser might score the final goal with Ness’ assistance. This will ensure a match against PXG and the next challenge to overcome for Isagi. 
Kaiser from Blue Lock
Kaiser in the recent chapter of Blue Lock | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA
  • The chances of Ubers winning the match are extremely low. Although Barou has the support of his entire team which can lead him to victory. 

This match has been full of surprises. Even when we are so close to the end, there are endless possibilities in front of us. 


The upcoming match will be full of surprises just like this one. There’s so much to look forward to. We never imagined seeing Shido and Rin playing together as a team but we will get to witness it soon. On the other hand, will the rivalry between Isagi and Kaiser continue to be as intense or will they warm up to each other? We’ll find out in the upcoming chapters of Blue Lock. 

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