Blue Lock Chapter 235: All the possible paths to the final goal

Blue Lock Chapter 235 predictions

At this point, a final goal will bring us to the end of the longest match in Blue Lock, Bastard Munchen vs. Ubers. Blue Lock Chapter 235 might give us the final piece that connects Bastard Munchen to victory. But there are a lot of hurdles in Isagi’s way. Hiori changed the momentum of the match with his meta-vision.

Even then, he couldn’t lead the team to victory. Now that the match is in its final stage, who will score the final goal from the two teams?

Who will win the match?

Ubers from Blue Lock
Barou with Ubers in the back | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Hiori entered the match with the confidence of a true egotist. While his presence on the field is of utmost importance, there’s still more that needs to be done by Isagi himself. Not just Isagi, Bastard Munchen’s case is stronger with the number of strikers awaiting their turn to score the final goal.

On the other hand, the fate of Ubers rests within the hands (technically legs) of Barou primarily. His teammates are assisting and supporting him throughout the match but is that enough to win this battle of egotists? Let’s take a look at all the possible paths to the final goal. 

Blue Lock Chapter 235: All the possible paths to the final goal

Kaiser and Ness
Kaiser along with Ness | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Even at such a crucial moment in Blue Lock, Bastard Munchen is brimming with possibilities and players who could score the final goal. 

  • Kaiser sabotaged the moves of his team by getting in Isagi’s way. Noel Noa might swap him out of the match. In that case, the next person who will join the match is Jin Kiyora. But introducing Kiyora is a waste of his character as there are only a few plays left in this match. 
  • Since Kunigami missed his first goal, he has been laying low in the match. While he would never assist Isagi, he might use Isagi and Hiori to score the final goal. With this Kaiser and Isagi will have another draw between them, which can get sorted in the upcoming match against Rin. 
Kunigami Blue Lock
Kunigami in the match against Ubers | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA
  • One of the possibilities that stands out is a final goal by Kaiser and Ness. Kaiser has been planning something for a long time. If he continues to be on the field, this might be his chance to take the best striker throne by utilizing Ness’ potential to score a final goal. 
  • Raichi tried his best when he was given the chance to contribute to the match. Although he was unsatisfied with his role on the field. He doesn’t mind assisting Isagi and we’ve already seen it. Isagi is well aware of Raichi’s playing style. Raichi might end up being the final piece that is needed by Isagi and Hiori. 
Raichi from Blue Lock
Raichi getting selected among the playing members | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

These possibilities advocate the advantageous position of Bastard Munchen. As for Ubers, Barou has proven several times that he can hold off his opponents on his own. With the powerful support of Ubers’ defensive powers, Barou might end up scoring the final goal. Despite the vast difference between the number of possible paths to the final goal for both teams, Barou is more than enough to represent Ubers. 


Isagi Yoichi
Isagi Yoichi | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Besides all these possibilities, there is Isagi as well. Will his desire to be the ultimate egotist be fulfilled with his current abilities? Blue Lock fans are eagerly waiting for the match to finally come to an end. This match has been stretched on for too long but not without its fair share of exciting developments. 

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