Blue Lock Chapter 237: Is Hiori quitting football?

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The Bastard Munchen vs. Ubers match seems like a never-ending one. The back and forth has been going on for quite some time but the recent chapter signals towards a potential end to this match. Blue Lock Chapter 237 will bring a series of revelations and interesting developments; most of them focused on Hiori.

With the way the match is progressing, it’s highly probable that Hiori might quit Blue Lock. Chapter 236 is titled Sayonara, who is he bidding this farewell to? Is it the field, his past with the sport, or something else? To answer all these questions we need to retrace our steps a little bit into the past events and also look at what’s coming up our way in the Neo-Egotist league. 

Hiori and Football

Yo Hiori Blue Lock
Hiori reminiscing about his past | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Hiori’s relationship with Football has always been dictated by the whims of others. 

  • He started playing football professionally to stabilize the situation at home. His parents, who are athletes, expected similar things from Hiori. He started playing so that they would stay together. 
  • During the Bastard Munchen vs Ubers match, we see him struggling. Isagi’s faith in him made him push himself harder. The egotist in him tried to score a goal all by himself but was stopped. 
  • The confidence boost that Hiori got was quickly crushed by his opponents. He succumbed to the feelings of giving up once again. 
Hiori Blue Lock manga
Hiori during the Bastard Munchen vs. Ubers Match | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

With that, Hiori has always played football for someone else. It has associated a feeling of dread with the sport. He tried his best to get this far in Blue Lock. Still, he always doubts himself when it comes to his relationship with the sport. Everything changed when Isagi asked him to continue with the attacks. He realized Isagi’s significance on the field. 

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The next step for Bastard Munchen

Isagi Blue Lock Manga
Isagi | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

After this match, Bastard Munchen will play their final match of the Neo-egotist league. The match will put Isagi against his sworn rival, Rin Itoshi. The PXG vs Bastard Munchen match will give us the final opportunity to explore the other characters. 

At this point in Blue Lock, the egotist mentality becomes a key factor. Only those who are willing to be the best strikers will make it to the World Cup. With the way things are progressing the focus on Hiori makes it obvious that he lacks in terms of being an egotist. 

Blue Lock Chapter 237: Is Hiori quitting football?

Hiori Blue Lock Manga
Yo Hiori | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Hiori has been playing as per the wishes of others, which doesn’t align with Ego’s idea of an egotist. 

  • Ego’s idea of Blue Lock was a place where he brought out the egotism in all these young players to lead Japan to a victory in the World Cup. 
  • Having a farewell match where he comes to terms with his relationship with the sport might be a perfect end to his character arc. It’ll be better to see him quit rather than be persistent and suddenly grow passionate about football as a result of playing beside Isagi. 
  • As that’ll just bring us back to square one, where he’s planning his steps as per the expectations of others. 
Blue Lock Manga
Yo Hiori | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

While Hiori has called the next attack his final one which might be hinting towards him potentially quitting the sport. Several events suggest the contrary. First off the line-up of PXG includes Karasu. Karasu is the closest friend of Hiori in Blue Lock. The creator might be leading us to a match-up between the two characters, although a brief one.

Then we’ve also seen Hiori grow more hopeful as he realized how Isagi’s presence on the field impacts the other players. Considering these points, the possibility of him quitting Blue Lock starts to disappear once again


The developments concerning Hiori have been quite complex. His inner monologues have been quite erratic and emotionally intense. Isagi helped him snap out of that with his call for help. He has finally found what he needs to do and at present Hiori is the key to the victory of Bastard Munchen. 

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