Blue Lock Chapter 252: Hiori and Isagi’s power of friendship vs Rin-Nanase duo

Rin and Nanase in Blue Lock Chapter 252

Every mortal stumbles upon the magic of friendship at some point in their life, even the menacing ones like Rin Itoshi. In Blue Lock chapter 251 spoilers, Rin has finally found himself a subordinate. Nanase’s strategy to continue as a top player has pushed him to work hard under Rin’s wing. Surprisingly he doesn’t get death threats from Rin but valuable advice instead.

Their peculiar partnership piques interest and it’ll be intriguing to see how they evolve individually in Blue Lock Chapter 252 as a result of their coordinated plays. Before we delve into the future possibilities, here’s a quick recap of the spoilers to reminisce how Nanase managed to convince Rin. 

Blue Lock Chapter 251 recap: Rin finds his first ally

Nanase in Blue Lock Chapter 251
Nanase in his match against Bastard Munchen | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

In Blue Lock Chapter 251, everyone on the field is amazed by witnessing Rin’s playing style, while Nanase calls out to and swears to follow him everywhere. 

  • We get a flashback of their practice days where Nanase asks Rin to help him get better. After conveying his brutally honest opinion of Nanase’s skills, Rin agrees to train him but threatens to leave him behind in case he fumbles. 
  • While practicing together Rin asks Nanase about his dominant foot, which turns out to be right. But Nanase’s improvement with the left front brings his ambidexterity to their focus. 
  • Back in the present, Rin passes the ball to Nanase, who reinstates his promise to follow Rin unconditionally. 
Rin in Blue Lock Chapter 251
Rin Itoshi | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

As Nanase passes the ball back to Rin, he attempts to shoot while taking a jab at Isagi. Only for his shot to get interrupted by Hiori. Hiori challenges Rin to come up with something he can’t decipher. 

Hiori’s metavision against Rin’s swift all-rounder attacks is undoubtedly adrenaline-inducing. We are well aware of Hiori’s grasp of the field but is it wide enough to catch up to the pace of the number one player, we’ll find out. 

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Blue Lock Chapter 252: Rin-Nanase Duo against Isagi-Hiori camaraderie

Isagi and Hiori in Blue Lock Chapter 252
Isagi and Hiori | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

For the first time in Blue Lock, Rin has found an ally. There was a moment during the U-20 match where his disdain after discovering that his team was there to support him pushed him into the zone. He was repelled by the idea of teamwork. Even though his current situation with Nanase isn’t explicitly an alliance, this is the closest we’ve gotten to a cordial Rin. He also acknowledged Nanase when he passed the ball. 

Hiori has challenged Rin and in the previous match, Hiori’s playing style for the most part involved Isagi. If his equation with Isagi continues to his benefit, we might get a match-up between Isagi-Hiori vs. Rin-Nanase, with the rest of the players chiming in. This interaction, if it happens, will be brief but exciting. Considering Hiori’s realization in the previous match, he might even challenge Ness by assisting Kaiser. 

Hiori and Isagi in Blue Lock
Hiori and Isagi | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Hiori decided that his game with produce the world’s best striker. His aspirations might align with Kaiser or Kunigami, a development like that will add to Isagi’s challenges, which will eventually make his victory more fruitful. 


The upcoming chapter is titled ‘Best Performance’. In this match, we’ve already seen everyone at the top of their games except for Isagi. Even if we get Isagi’s best performance this early, he’ll continue to better himself throughout the match, outdoing his standards. In the meantime, Hiori’s challenge has made him the next target of Rin. Opposed to Isagi, who is laying low at present, Rin is ruthlessly clashing with everyone.

Only a few chapters into the match and we’ve already gotten some heated developments. As more and more characters start to take up the center stage, the temperature will be through the roof. And we’ll be here to discuss it all, so stay tuned!

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