Blue Lock Chapter 264 Recap: Jin Kiyora awakens, will he side with Isagi’s Monarchy or Kaiser’s awakening? 

Isagi can be seen gritting his teeth as he looks at the ball in front of him in Blue Lock Chapter 264

The match between Bastard Munchen and PXG gets more chaotic with subsequent chapters. In the recent chapter, Kaiser is seemingly in control of his team, while Isagi faces challenges from every direction. After the constant back and forth, the ball lands in Ness’ possession.

Ness has declared his loyalty to Kaiser, but one player can switch it all up with his awakening, Jin Kiyora. So here’s a complete Blue Lock Chapter 264 Recap with a breakdown of how effective Jin Kiyora will be in this match! 

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Blue Lock Chapter 264 Recap

the picture is a close up of Jin Kiyora as he looks determined with his hair falling on his face in Blue Lock
Jin Kiyora © Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura / Kodansha USA

Blue Lock Chapter 264 begins with Jin Kiyora’s flashback and relationship with the boundary line. His life started with him standing on the boundary between life and death. His mother suffered a serious illness bringing her chances of survival down to 50%. By transcending the boundary line, he was born as a healthy child.

During childhood, he was always stuck between his siblings. His choice would determine the winner between his two brothers. He finds himself in a similar situation in the match against PXG. After overcoming several boundaries, he reached the finals. His last chance of survival in Blue Lock depends on his choice between Kaiser and Isagi. 

Kaiser Strikes Back

Isagi and Kiaser's backs are visible as they appear to be moving in opposite directions in Blue Lock manga
© Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura / Kodansha USA

While Kiyora is contemplating his decision, Isagi and Kaiser continue their showdown in full swing. 

  • Isagi realized that while everyone is focused on him, Kaiser is using this chance to form new collaborations and score his own goal. 
  • It’s a clever strategy for the emperor to take back his throne, which makes it the perfect time for Isagi to crush his empire with a single goal. 
  • It’s a face-off between Isagi’s absolute monarchy and Kaiser’s awakening. 

Up until now, the ball was in Isagi’s possession. He then kicks it in Kurona’s direction. Tokimitsu charges towards Kurona to prevent his combo with Isagi. As Tokimitsu restrains Kurona, Nanase sweeps in and takes the ball, taking away Tokimitsu’s spotlight. Before Nanase can do anything, Kaiser steals the ball. 

Kaiser replicates Isagi’s playing style

Kaiser is gritting his teeth with his hands placed in front of him, one over the other in Blue Lock Manga
Michael Kaiser © Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura / Kodansha USA
  • Seeing Kaiser being so proactive in tracking down the loopholes, it hits Isagi. Instead of directly attacking him, Kaiser is aiming for the shortcomings in others through him. 
  • That makes Kunigami his next target. Kaiser passes the ball to Kunigami and receives it back from him. 
  • It becomes clear to Isagi that Kaiser is playing a cunning game. He passed to Kunigami because he knew that with Shidou glued to his side, Kunigami would have no choice but to pass back. 
  • Kaiser is assessing the situation of his team and targeting their psychology. He’s changing himself as the situation demands.

This is similar to Isagi’s playing style, and with this realization, Isagi understands that Kaiser is also a world-type egoist just like him. 

Everything comes down to Ness

the ball hovers over Ness as he appears to be in a trance with his eyes dead set on the ball
Alexis Ness © Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura / Kodansha USA

Kaiser strides forward with the ball but both Karasu and Rin catch up to him. They charge at him at the same time, sending the ball away in Hiori’s direction. 

  • Hiori calls it the world’s best luck as both Isagi and Kurona are stationed perfectly. 
  • Hiori passes the ball to Kurona who is excited that their ultimate triangle will help them score the goal. So he sends the ball in Isagi’s direction. 
  • Right then, Charles kicks the ball away. Isagi wonders what Charles is doing there as he was unmotivated a while back. 
  • Charles looks amused to break the perfect flow.

The ball he kicked hovers over Ness. The chapter ends with his eyes dead set on the ball as he says, ‘It’s not over yet Kaiser, I’m here’. On the last page of Blue Lock Chapter 264, we see Kiyora, Isagi, and Kaiser looking at Ness in confusion.  

Jin Kiyora and his last chance of survival 

Blue Lock Chapter 264 sets Jin Kiyora up to play a crucial role in the ongoing match. As we saw in the flashback, Kiyora’s decision always determined the victor. This might be a hint of what to expect from the silent observer. Whoever he chooses becomes the scorer of the second goal. In the match against Ubers, it was a given that if he enters the field he’ll assist Isagi. 

Jin Kiyora's back is visible and his body is tilted sideways, a black aura is emerging from his body in Blue Lock
Jin Kiyora © Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura / Kodansha USA

But now with Kaiser playing a similar game where he aims for the top with the help of others, the chances of Kiyora assisting him are pretty high. Although it might be a stretch, Kiyora might assist Kaiser out of spite for Isagi. After all, Kiyora couldn’t play before this because Isagi chose Hiori over him

With that, a second goal is just around the corner. This goal will change the gears and ramp up the stakes. Somehow, the focus has shifted from the power players to Ness and Kiyora. It’ll be interesting to see how their decisions play into the grand scheme of things. That’s all from our side for Blue Lock Chapter 264, but share your thoughts in the comments. And stay tuned, until next time!


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