Blue Period Live Action hits the big screen: Everything you need to know

Yatora from Blue Period Live Action and Anime

Just when you thought the manga adapations are getting the treatment they deserve, we hear an announcement of Blue Period Live Action movie adaptation in Japan.

Based on of Tsubasa Yamaguchi’s popular manga “Blue Period” this movie is set to give us a wholesome ride through a newbie artist journey with a powerful and dedicated cast. The Blue Period movie is set to hit theaters nationwide on Friday, August 9, 2024.

Blue Period Live Action plot

Atsushi Maeda as Yatora in Blue Period Live Action
Atsushi Maeda as Yatora (Image via Warner Bros. Japan)

The film follows the journey of Yatora Yaguchi, a seemingly ordinary high school student. Despite good grades and a positive reputation, Yatora feels a hollowness in his everyday life. Everything changes when he encounters a piece of art created by his classmate, Ryuji Ayukawa. Inspired by this newborn passion, Yatora throws himself into the world of art, aiming to enter one of the most prestigious art universities in Japan.

This is no easy feat. Yatora, a complete beginner with no prior experience, finds himself surrounded by talented rivals with exceptional drawing skills.

Blue Period anime: What makes it worth watching?

The cast of Blue Period anime
A still from Blue Period anime (Image via Seven Arcs)

The film shows the struggles and victories of someone who starts from scratch. Unlike some mainstream stories where the hero has a hidden gift, Yatora has no prior experience. He fumbles with basic techniques, gets frustrated when things don’t turn out right, and doubts himself constantly. But he keeps going.

Fuelled by raw determination and a burning desire to express himself through art, Yatora tackles these challenges head-on. The movie doesn’t shy away from the realities of pursuing art – the endless hours of practice, the pressure to keep up with more experienced artists, and the struggle to find your own unique style.

Cast of Blue Period Live Action movie

A still from Blue Period live action movie
A still from Blue Period live action movie (Image via Warner Bros. Japan)
  • Yatora Yaguchi will be played by Atsushi Maeda
  • Fumiya Takahashi will be playing Yatora’s classmate and the spark that ignites his artistic passion, Ryuji Ayukawa.
  • Rihito Itagaki will be fitting the role of a tough rival to the protagonist with exceptional artistic talent Takahashi Mitsuto.
  • Mori Maru, a supportive senior in the art club who guides Yatora through his artistic journey will be played by Hiyori Sakurada

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Dedication from Script to Screen

A still from Blue Period anime
A still from Blue Period anime (Image via Seven Arcs)

The film’s dedication to authenticity shines through in the cast’s preparation. To realistically portray aspiring artists, the actors spent over six months honing their painting skills. This commitment ensures that the on-screen painting scenes feel genuine and believable. Some of the artwork featured in the film was even created by the cast themselves to make sure that personal feelings are attached with each scene.

Behind the scenes team for Blue Period Live action

  • Director: Kentaro Hagiwara, known for his work on live-action adaptations like “Tokyo Ghoul” and “30 Minutes to Goodbye.”
  • Screenplay: Reiko Yoshida, who previously worked on the anime adaptation of “Blue Period” as well as critically acclaimed films like “Violet Evergarden the Movie” and “Dead Dead Demons Dedededede Destruction.”
  • Music: Hiroki Kojima, also known as Yaffle, who received an Annie Award nomination for Best Music for the animated film “Poupelle.”

Will Yatora find his artistic voice?

Blue Period” promises a compelling story of dedication, self-discovery, and the pursuit of artistic expression. It’s a film that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt lost or unfulfilled, and who seeks to find their own creative spark. The August 9 seems like an eternity to wait for a adaptation by such a fabulous and dedicated cast and crew, however the wait is worth the effort put in by them, till then, Adios.

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