Boruto Part 2: Top 5 ways to fix the anime after the timeskip.

Boruto Part 2 Top 5 ways to fix the anime after the timeskip.

Boruto Part 2 is just around the corner and Boruto’s manga is about to reach a pivotal juncture with the time skip. So far the reception of the series has been quite poor, both among fans and casual watchers alike. How can the anime return improve when adapting to this new era? Here are the Top 5 ways to fix the anime after the time skip based on common fan criticisms of the anime so far.

Boruto Part 2: Top 5 ways to fix the anime after the time skip.

5. Highlight More Kekkei Genkai Variety

A frequent criticism is the excessive focus on the Karma Seal and Otsutsuki clan abilities in major battles. When the anime resumes after the time skip, putting greater emphasis on showcasing diverse kekkei genkai from other clans can add freshness.

Seeing more of Aburame insect techniques, Yamanaka mental arts, Akimichi expansion abilities, Hyuga Gentle Fist, and other clan skills in the spotlight would expand worldbuilding. Reducing the repetitive emphasis on overpowered Karma and Otsutsuki powers can create greater balance.

4.  Scale Back Anime Canon Arcs

Exploring the possibilities - Does Sarada like Boruto
Boruto and Sarada, Courtesy of Studio Pierrot

Fans consistently criticize frequent anime-original arcs interrupting and prolonging major manga canon storylines. To avoid discontinuity and bloat when returning, the anime should seamlessly integrate manga plot points rather than interrupting with filler stories.

Limiting prolonged interruptive anime canon arcs and blending anime-only character development into relevant manga events more smoothly can help fix pacing issues that plague the current anime.

3. Carefully Manage Power Creep

As both enemies and protagonist powers escalate in the manga, the anime risks making threats feel meaningless if Karma/Otsutsuki abilities seem too overpowered and unstoppable. Power creep should be handled carefully to maintain tension.

Strategies include emphasizing teamwork over individual power, showcasing martial arts creativity over raw strength, and establishing cunning enemies with specific abilities that counter sheer power.

2. Expand Side Character Roles

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Image Courtesy of Studio Pierrot

Boruto’s classmates like Wasabi, Namida, Sumire, and others have often felt underutilized as the anime focuses on the core cast. The time skip offers opportunities to flesh out the wider supporting cast’s skills, backstories, and relationships. This was already an issue in Naruto, but given the poor narrative quality of Boruto, this one stands out even more here.

Letting side characters contribute more meaningfully to the plot when the anime returns can strengthen bonds and continuity with the pre-time skip era.

1. Properly Explain the Cyborgs

Amado’s complex backstory and motivations surrounding Delta, Code, Eida, Daemon, and the cyborg technology require more context when adapted into the anime. For reasons unknown, Amado was capable of creating Cyborgs and modified humans who were capable of showcasing Ohtsutsuki-level feats and abilities.

While we already know that Amado is a very talented scientist, how is he able to do all these? The story’s success hugely depends on how well these overpowered characters created by Amado are justified in the future.


As the sequel to one of the most iconic and important anime in all of history, Boruto has continued to be underwhelming. Implementing such improvements can allow the Boruto anime to come back stronger following the manga’s time skip. Carefully handling this transitional phase will be crucial to keeping fans invested for the long haul. Overall, playing to strengths while addressing common criticisms can help the anime reach new heights.

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