Boruto post timeskip designs make fans go gaga: here’s what they indicate

Boruto Post Timeskip Designs Make Fans Go Gaga Here's What They Indicate

Boruto Post Timeskip Designs of characters have finally been unveiled. After a long hiatus, the manga will finally return with Boruto Chapter 81 which is expected to be set after the anime’s timeskip.

Even though a potential timeskip was hinted at way back in Chapter 1 of the manga, we finally got to see the designs of the characters after the timeskip, and there’s a lot to unpack. Let’s look at what the new Boruto Post Timeskip Designs indicate.

Boruto Post Timeskip Design

Boruto Part 2, titled Boruto Two Blue Vortex recently unveiled a badass image of Boruto Uzumaki in his post-timeskip design. This was the first time we got to see his design change since the inception of the series and there is a lot to unpack. Boruto’s new outfit seems to be extremely detailed with a lot of nods to various aspects of his life and personality.

The most obvious detail is the overall design of Boruto’s outfit. The inspiration is very, very clear. Boruto now dons his own version of Sasuke’s cloaked traveler outfit. Apart from the cloak, his attire retains aspects of his former clothing style while adding a lot more detailing to it. Boruto also seems to be in possession of a sword and Saskue’s headband.

Sarada Uchiha’s Timeskip Design

The next important character whose design we got to see was Sarada Uchiha. The very first announcement of Two Blue Vortex was with this new image of Sarada Uchiha. Sarada seems quite menacing and badass in her new threads and there are a lot of familiar shades to her outfit reminding us of many things. Let’s unpack them one by one.

  • The overall design seems to be a homage to the Uchiha Clan. Many fans noticed that her new outfit resembles Itachi’s outfit.
  • Her hair, which many fans expected to grow long over the timeskip, has been kept short. She also still wears glasses, however, the frame is a bit different.
  • Overall, Sarada seems to have switched to a more mature and ‘serious’ looking outfit, which given her circumstances, makes perfect sense.

Other Prominent Characters

So far, outside of Boruto and Sarada, we haven’t seen any glimpses of the outfits of other characters. Obviously, Naruto will not be getting a new outfit since he’s trapped in a timeless dimension and the same applies to Hinata. However, characters like Shikadai and the rest of the Konoha shinobi might’ve significantly changed over the timeskip.

Kawaki’s outfit was revealed all the way back in the first chapter of the series and it hasn’t changed much. He dons a more ‘Roguelike’ outfit alongside a scarf. Most notably his hair has gotten longer. One of the most awaited design reveals is that of Sasuke Uchiha, who has often portrayed some of the best drips in the entire show.


Overall, the two designs we got to see from the timeskip seem very promising. Both Boruto and Sarada’s character designs do justice to the narrative and the growth of both characters within their personal narrative arcs. Boruto Two Blue Vortex is set to be released on August 21st and when it is out we’ll finally be able to see how others look in Boruto Part 2.

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