Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV – Prompto Argentum character explained

Prompto Argentum

Before Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, Prompto perfectly fits the mold of blonde anime characters—a good-looking playboy who is outgoing and a little bit annoying. The Brotherhood series was an attempt to delve deeper into the lives of the Final Fantasy XV characters.

If you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy games you’d be aware of the protagonist and his companions, namely Noctis, Prompto, Lucius, and Gladiolus. The Brotherhood series explores the past and the affiliations of these four characters while they’re on a road trip. While all the characters got their stories told, Prompto’s history was able to resonate with fans the most. 

Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV:

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV
A still from Brotherhood Final Fantasy featuring Gladiolus, Noctis, Ignis, and Prompto | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV is a prologue to the game. Understanding the character dynamics between the fans can alleviate the game experience as well. The anime helps fans get acquainted with the characters who appear in the game with 5 episodes, titled:

  1. Before Storm 
  2. Dogged Runner (Prompto Argentum)
  3. Sword and Shield (Gladiolus) 
  4. Bittersweet Memories (Ignis)
  5. The Warmth of Light (Noctis)

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV – Prompto Argentum Character Analysis

Young Prompto
Prompto never tried to socialize with those around him | Image Courtesy of Studio A-1 Pictures

Prompto Argentum lived alone as a teen and found joy in clicking pictures of different moments of life. Most of his time at school was also spent alone. He didn’t try to look up at others or have any conversations with those around him. Not entirely but his weight was one of the reasons behind his unwillingness to socialize. 

Despite his anti-social antics, his kindness seeped through when he helped and cared for an injured puppy. This injured puppy led him to Noctis. Prompto’s extreme self-awareness made him realize that his present self isn’t someone who can stand by a Prince’s side. This pushed him to lose weight and try his hardest to stand equally with Noctis.

Young Prompto
Prompto Argentum in the episode ‘Dogged Runner’ | Image Courtesy of Studio A-1 Pictures

Prompto is a very kind person who spares no one when it comes to kindness, not even himself. Throughout his weight-loss journey, he transitioned to a healthier lifestyle with utmost patience. He gave himself rewards in terms of burgers and didn’t shy away from reaching out for help.  

Prompto Argentum: In the Game vs. in the Anime

Prompto Argentum Final Fantasy
Prompto and his camera | Image Courtesy of Studio A-1 Pictures

In the game, Prompto is one of the least popular characters. The anime made his character deep and gave all the annoying aspects a strong foundation. An example of this would be the moment when Prompto trips and falls. Noct reaches out his hand to help him get up. But he hands out the camera instead. That goes on to show where his priorities stand. 

The anime showed how hard Prompto has worked to gain the self-confidence he exudes in the game, making it admirable and endearing. The anime explains his relationship with food and his friends in the game. Watching the anime before or after the game will vastly differentiate your experience with the boys.


Prompto Argentum
Prompto, after tending to an injured puppy | Image Courtesy of Studio A-1 Pictures

The anime did a phenomenal job at what it aimed to do. The reception of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV was even better than what the creator expected. The fans discussed Prompto’s character with vigor and how the anime helped them understand his motivations better. 

Prompto went from the annoying guy who asks for a selfie every few minutes to a cinnamon roll that needs to be protected at all costs. 

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