Can Shangri-La Frontier beat Jujutsu Kaisen to become the show of this Season?

Sunraku gearing up to fight in Shangri-La Frontier

Some might think that Shangri-La Frontier drew the short stick when it got paired up with Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 in its schedule. But is it true? Boasting top-notch fight scenes, there is a possibility that fan favorite “Yowaimo” series might be toppled down its throne. In this article, I will weigh down both the shows and entertain the possibility of the next face of Fall 2023.

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Shangri-La Frontier

Hizutome Rakurou, commonly known as Sunraku, is a freak. He has an obsession with playing the worst games and clearing them up despite the fact that the game is so terrible. Reaching the end of the line with trashy games, he tries out a good game for a change. Cue in Shangri-La Frontier, the current most successful game in his world, it is considered God-Tier with no reported bugs and amazing AI.

Boss of Rabituza
Vysache | Courtesy of C2C

He absolutely falls in love with the game, finally being able to enjoy the experience of playing something. Set up his character for the hardest build, all he has is his skills to reach the top rank of the players. This is his story of finally enjoying his hobby.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Sadness, Anger, Hate, Love. Every emotion has an impact on this world. Many that we can see, many that we can’t. Curses are part of this world, fueled by negative emotions that flow. They hurt humans, and leach off their fickle emotions. That’s where Jujutsu Sorcerers come in. Continuing the traditions of eliminating Curses, these individuals have spread out throughout the world, having more join the cause.

Itadori vs. Choso
Itadori vs. Choso | Courtesy of MAPPA

But killing curses has long lost the threat it possessed. Now, what endangers society are Jujutsu Sorcerers themselves. Split into two factions, what is supposed to happen to this world? How will humanity thrive against beings far superior to them?

Is Shangri-La rising to the challenge?

Shangri-La has amazed the community. With a grand world for it to explore, the execution of its mechanics is astounding. The fights are top-notch, comparable to Ufotable when it comes to animation. A solid contender for any fight show out there, surpassing many like Black Clover and Bleach Thousand Year Blood-War by miles.

Sunraku facing a Unique Monster
Sunraku Facing a Unique Monster | Courtesy of C2C
  • The Studio has an amazing record of maintaining consistently high-quality animated episodes.
  • With the depression that The Shibuya Arc will rain down upon its audience, fans might actually enjoy the Serotonin boost Shangri-La would provide.
  • The greatest tool in their arsenal right now is the fact that the initial episodes are so well-developed that its viewers want to be in the shoes of the protagonist.

The show has easily toppled the expectations the fans had on it. Easily becoming the top 3 shows of this season, it will not be surprising for it to take down Jujutsu Kaisen down a notch. While the latter has the advantage of the most engaging story currently, the former has other elements that help maintain its edge. Both following the Shounen formula, Shangri-La does not put its audience into a mass-induced trauma that the author of Jujutsu, Gege, apparently has a habit of doing.

The following episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen might make its viewers rage quit the show, allowing Shangri-La to pick up these viewers. Having a genuinely fun gaming experience at its core, Shangri-La is most likely going to sit on the Throne of Fall 2023.

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