Can the story of Undead Unluck said to be unqiue?

Can the story of Undead Unluck said to be unqiue?

Anime has a remarkable ability to explore complex themes which can not be incorporated in a live-action platform, and  one series has piqued the interest of viewers worldwide – Undead UnluckIt  explores the concept of the protagonists making deals over death, following the story of Fuuko Izumo, an 18-year-old girl burdened with a unique ability. But is Undead Unluck truly unique in this regard, or are there other anime that share a similar theme? Let’s dive into the world of anime and find out.

What is Undead Unluck all about?

A still from Undead Unluck anime Trailer
A still from Undead Unluck anime Trailer (Image via David Productions)

Undead Unluck introduces us to Fuuko Izumo, a young woman haunted by a dark past. Ten years prior, she witnessed a tragic incident that claimed the lives of over 200 people, including her parents. This traumatic event left her with a peculiar ability – “unluck.” Anyone she touches is afflicted by misfortune, rendering her a pariah among human contact. Feeling isolated and desperate, Fuuko contemplates ending her life.

The encounter with Andy

Andy in Undead Unluck anime
Andy in Undead Unluck anime (Image via David Productions)

However, fate takes an unexpected turn when Fuuko crosses paths with an extraordinary individual known as Undead. He is far from ordinary; he possesses remarkable regenerative abilities that grant him immortality. Paradoxically, he despises this eternal existence and yearns for a way to experience a meaningful death. It’s here that Fuuko names him Andy, symbolizing his undead nature, and their unlikely partnership begins. As their journey unfolds, Fuuko and Andy find themselves pursued by a mysterious organization known as the Union. 

Is Undead Unluck anime unique?

While Undead Unluck has a unique plotline, the concept of protagonists making deals over death is not a novel one. There are many anime who have incorporated such theme previously in one way or the other. 

Death Note

Light Yagami and Ryuk in Death Note
Light Yagami and Ryuk in Death Note (Image via Netflix)

One prime example is Death Note. In this anime, we witness Misa Amane, the lover of Light Yagami, making a deal with a Shinigami named Rin. In exchange for half of her remaining lifespan, Misa gains the ability to possess Shinigami eyes. These eyes allow her to identify anyone’s real name just by looking at their face, a power that plays a pivotal role in the series’ thrilling plot.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood introduces us to Edward Elric, who performs a forbidden alchemical ritual known as Human Transmutation in a desperate attempt to bring his deceased mother back to life. This act leads him to confront the mysterious and enigmatic Gate of Truth, a realm that exists between life and death. In exchange for bringing back his younger brother Alphonse from the portal, Edward sacrifices his own ability to use alchemy, an irreversible exchange which changed their life forever.

The Devil’s Boy

The Devil's Boy
The Devil’s Boy (Image via Jihyun)

In The Devil’s Boy (a Korean Webtoon), the protagonist, Jungho, faces relentless bullying to the point of self-harm. However, his life takes a dark turn when his prayers are answered by Mephistopheles, the archdevil himself. Mephisto offers Jungho a sinister deal: he will bestow upon Jungho powerful magical abilities that enable him to exact revenge on his tormentors. In return, Mephisto demands Jungho’s soul, leading to a morally corrupt plot that explores the consequences of such a pact.


“Undead Unluk” shines as an exceptional anime that explores the theme of protagonists making deals regarding life and death. The anime may be unique in terms of animation style, plot and narrative. However, the concept brought forward by this series of protagonists making a deal while sacrificing their life is not an unexplored topic. Undead Unluck” stands as a compelling addition to this thematic tapestry, offering its own take on the age-old question of life and death. So, can it be said to be unique? In its own way, yes, but it also shares a thematic kinship with other remarkable anime series that explore similar existential questions.

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