Can we expect a Blue Eye Samurai Season 2?

Mizu from Blue Eye Samurai | Netflix

With its first season, Blue Eye Samurai left a significant impact on its audience. The series garnered praise for its outstanding animation, diverse ensemble, and the empowering presence of its female lead character. Yet, the lingering question remains: will fans be treated to a Blue Eye Samurai season 2? Let’s find out!


Set against the backdrop of Japan’s Edo period in the 17th century, Blue Eye Samurai traces the remarkable journey of Mizu, a mixed-race swordmaster fueled by a relentless quest for vengeance against those responsible for her mother’s brutal death. Her unique, captivating blue eyes marked her as a target, leading to enslavement. To navigate this treacherous path, she assumes the guise of a man, she travels the country, refining her samurai skills.

Can we expect a Blue Eye Samurai Season 2?
The Blue Eye Samurai – Mizu | Image courtesy of Netflix

Mizu’s backstory reveals her as an orphan who discovers refuge and invaluable mentorship under the wing of a blind, elderly man known for his craftsmanship in sword-making. This mentor imparts the art of swordsmanship to her, nurturing her talents. Throughout her journey, Mizu’s profound respect for him is evident, as he remains a beacon of understanding in a world that often judges her for her distinctive blue eyes.

Can we expect a Blue Eye Samurai Season 2?

Netflix has not officially announced whether a second season of Blue Eye Samurai is in the works. However, the show has received positive feedback from both critics and audiences, and there is a lot of potential for further storytelling. The creators of the show have also expressed their hope for more seasons, so it’s definitely possible that we will witness more of Mizu’s adventures in the future.

Can we expect a Blue Eye Samurai Season 2?
Mizu from Blue Eye Samurai | Image courtesy of Netflix

The ending of Blue Eye Samurai is open-ended, leaving the door open for a possible second season. Mizu realizes that her quest for vengeance isn’t bringing her any peace and that she needs to find a new way to move forward in life.

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Hints pointing to a Season 2

In the final episode of Blue Eye Samurai, Mizu finally confronts Abijah Fowler, the man she believes to be her father. After a fierce battle, Mizu defeats Fowler, but she spares his life when he offers to reveal information about her other potential fathers.

  • Mizu’s decision to spare Fowler is a sign that she is starting to let go of her anger and revenge.
  • She realizes that her quest for vengeance is not bringing her any peace and that she needs to find a new way to move on with her life.
  • At the end of the episode, she embarks on a journey to the sea, a move that could be interpreted as her possibly heading to London in search of her other potential fathers.

This could imply that there’s more to uncover in the story of Blue Eye Samurai, potentially leading to one or more additional seasons of the show. Would you like to see a second season of Blue Eye Samurai, or what are your thoughts on the show as of now? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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