Castlevania Nocturne: Trailer Breakdown

Castlevania Nocturne Trailer Breakdown

The highly awaited Spin-off to the critically acclaimed Netflix Castlevania has finally received a brand new trailer that gives fans much-needed insight regarding the direction that this new series is taking. Castlevania Nocturne looks gorgeous and soulful, but under all the beauty lies overwhelming darkness.

The Belmont clan will hunt the Night!

Set 300 years after the events of the original series, Nocturne takes place during the french revolution and follows Richter Belmont as its primary protagonist. The trailer itself has a lot it is packing regarding lore and speculative events, few of the key events we can make out are: –

Young Richter scared of Olrox
Image Courtesy: Netflix
  • The trailer itself starts off strong by showcasing the childhood trauma Richter has suffered through the murder of his Mother by the vampire Olrox who has left Richter on edge ever since. This event strongly suggests a more grounded and vulnerable approach to Richters character compared to his more stoic hero attitude in the games.
  • It also showcases many returning characters from the Rondo of Blood cast, who have been readapted into newer character tropes in order to fit the tone of this adaptation. Such as Annette (who is shown to be a capable speaker similar to Sypha rather than being just the girlfriend of Richter) and Maria (who is shown to be much older and more mature than her game counterpart).
  • The trailer also confirms the speculations regarding the apparent changes they have made yet again from the canon of the games. Such as the obvious exclusion of Dracula as a primary antagonist, and the inclusion of a new plot regarding a vampire messiah that arguably takes massive inspiration from the plot of Castlevania: Bloodlines.
Queen of the Vampires
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Castlevania may take many Incarnations

The production quality of this series has left many fans in awe. from its jaw-dropping animation to its stellar voice performance, and its distinct visual storytelling. Nocturne has been classified as a spin-off since its reveal but its newest trailer has proven that it is a full-born sequel to the original in every conceivable way. Some of the outstanding qualities of the production are: –


  • It can’t be stated enough how much of a marvel the animation is this time around. Its incredible color grading accentuates the specific color highlights on a scene to create some beautiful imagery.
  • It’s actual animation is snappy and slow-paced which adds tension and vulnerability to each frame, as well as a realistic touch to every movement made by each character. Powerhouse Animation has outdone itself yet again and the show is assuredly going to look great.
Maria is sad
Image Courtesy: Netflix


The voice performances are also as excellent as the original and the actual cast members bring an experience pedigree into the show which is to be expected considering the iconic voice cast from the original series.

The standout performances from the trailer are Thuso Mbedu as Annette (who adds a never before seen mature and hardened tone to her character which is going to fit excellently for her new character archetype), as well as Zahn McClarnon as Olrox (who accentuates the sinister and unnerving tone of the new character perfectly and will certainly be one of the more iconic performances from the show).


Castlevania Nocturne is set to release on the 28th of September and is no doubt going to be the premium Netflix show that you absolutely cannot miss this year. From its incredible production quality to its striking visual direction and premise, The trailer has given us a glimpse of what to expect, and to sum it up in one perfect word, Castlevania Nocturne looks “Soulful”.






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