Chainsaw Man Buddy Stories: What is it about?

Chainsaw Man Buddy Stories

Chainsaw Man Buddy Stories is perfect extra content for fans, a light novel series based on the characters of Chainsaw Man manga. Sakaku Hishikawa is the author of the light novel and Tatsuki Fujimoto has done special illustrations for the light novel. It speaks volumes about the series if the mangaka has approved it himself. 

The light novel explores the characters within the setting of the manga and fits right in. If you want more Chainsaw Man content and have doubts pertaining to the Buddy stories, worry not. This article will clear up all the confusion regarding the light novel from what is it about to where to read it and if it’s canon. 

Chainsaw Man Buddy Stories: What is it about?

Chainsaw Man Buddy Stories
Special illustration by Tatsuki Fujimoto for the light novel series | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Chainsaw Man Buddy Stories is a collection of side stories about the characters you’re familiar with from Chainsaw Man. Exploring their lives a little bit more as an extension of the manga. There are four parts of the Buddy Stories, namely:

  • The Great Detective Power and Her Assistant Denji
  • Nine Years’ Savor 
  • The Day We Became Buddies 
  • Enoshima: Island of dreams 
Chainsaw Man Buddy Stories
Aki, Power, Makima, and Denji | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Each part covers different characters. The first part is a fun story centred around Denji and Power, where Power is the detective and Denji is the assistant. The other stories include Qunxi, Kishibe, Himeno, and Aki. Sasaki Hashikawa has captured the soul of Fujimoto’s work, making it a perfect addition to the CSM universe. 

Can Anime only read the light novel?

Chainsaw Man anime
Denji and Power in Chainsaw Man anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Chainsaw Man Buddy Stories is not for anime watchers. The light novel features characters who have not been introduced in the anime yet. It’ll spoil some major parts of the manga as well. Depending on the chapters also the answer varies. 

  • The first chapter is safe to read for anime watchers. 
  • The other three chapters have minor and major spoilers. If you don’t mind minor spoilers, you’re good to go up to chapter 3. 
  • Chapter 4 has some major spoilers from the later parts of the manga and should only be read after you’re caught up to the second part of the manga

Where to read Chainsaw Man Buddy Stories?


Fans have been waiting for the official English translation for years. Viz Media has finally released it making it easily available for fans. Promoting the release along with a special trailer. You can get a physical or digital copy of the official translation of the light novel by Viz Media


Characters of Chainsaw Man
A still from Chainsaw Man Anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Chainsaw Man Buddy Stories fits the category of bonus content for a beloved manga remarkably. The light novel will make you both laugh and tear up. Giving you extra time with the characters while wishing for more. The chapters feel like wishful thinking at points. 

At the same time keep in mind that it might not fit your expectations as manga and light novels are different mediums, conveying the story in different ways. Manga is heavily dependent on the art style and Tatsuki Fujimoto has a distinct art style. You should still give it a try if you’re a Chainsaw Man enthusiast. 


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