Chainsaw Man Chapter 167 Recap and Review: “That escalated quickly”

Yoru stares up at Denji while he has a very questionable look on his face

The latest instalment of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s bestseller Chainsaw Man is titled “Super Smooch.” Do not be fooled by its cute and innocent sounding name. As you can tell from the title of our article, that actually escalated too quickly. So here we present to you, Chainsaw Man Chapter 167 recap and review.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 167 Recap: What had happened till chapter 166

  • Denji is rescued from the Tokyo Devil Detention Center, that too by Asa Mitaka, Yoru and Fami, with the assistance of Katana Man and Nail Fiend who are coerced by Asa into switching sides. Denji is pieced together and brought to Fami’s apartment to rest.
  • Yoru and Katana man wants a rematch from Denji, and Denji wants to meet Nayuta. Unfortunately, Nayuta is nowhere to be found- Yoru presumes the worst, and Denji refuses to accept it.
In a conversation with asa, Denji reveals that although he wishes to go back to how things were, in reality, he can never go back to how things used to be
Things can never go back to “normal” || ©Tatsuki Fujimoto
  • Chapter 165, “Everyday Scenery” was a beautiful collection of the author’s artistic genius. Denji wants to return to a normal life, when he realizes his life really has never been truly normal- his “everyday scenery” has always been a mess, like right now. Can Denji truly survive without his heart, Pochita?
  • The chapter claims, he can. Enticing the Chainsaw Man Devil out of him, and replacing his heart with a human one could grant him another chance at a normal life- but has Denji’s life really ever been “normal?”
Denji having a breakdown thinking how everything is falling apart, meanwhile all he cares about is sex
The root cause of all his problems || ©Tatsuki Fujimoto
  • He used to eat toilet paper to survive as a kid. Now in Chapter 166, “Rain, Brothel and Removal,” he is suggesting that maybe why he has been feeling “out of it” for so long is because he has not pleasured himself enough. The brothel they eventually reach has been destroyed to ruins, and we get one of the most masterfully crafted emotional scenes in Chainsaw Man.
  • Against a backdrop of a brothel’s ruins, Denji is down on his hands and knees, with the falling rain to accompany his cries, as he contemplates his reason to live. What good is he, when everything in his life is falling apart, and all he can manage to think about is sex? He has an epiphany similar to the one back at the apartment, maybe if he loses his manhood, he would be able to be a better man.

Big Mistake.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 167 Recap: Denji and Asa- I mean Yoru

In Chapter 165, Yoru had made it clear through Asa, “If I can fight you and win, you’ll be saved.” Perhaps Asa Mitaka wants Denji to be saved, but War Fiend only wants a rematch with Chainsaw Man, no matter the consequences.

In Chapter 166, with Denji’s breakdown, Yoru is given a means to his end he can achieve the fight with Chainsaw Man he has been waiting for so long. And how does the War fiend console Denji during a breakdown?

Since Denji is so unhappy over his sex drive, Yoru offers to take care of the root cause of his problem- by cutting off his genitalia
Yoru offers a permanent solution || ©Tatsuki Fujimoto

Yoru takes Denji alone, finds a knife, and asks Denji to reveal himself to her, so that he can finally be freed from the root of all of his problems: His sex drive. Denji shows a sudden reaction of disbelief- what does Yoru really plan to do? Is she really okay with such an act of violence?

Apart from the obvious answer, which is Yes, she’s the War Fiend, what did you even expect- we see three recurring panels of Denji’s face- shifting slightly from worry and disbelief to exhaustion, to surprise- the same sunken eyes, sweaty face and dishevelled appearance- Denji is going through perhaps all the five stages of grief at once.

Now Denji openly protests to Yoru’s advances- he physically recoils and thrashes around, owing to which the knife is thrown out of Yoru’s hand. Denji claims he has changed his mind. What follows is an interesting chain of events.

Yoru is, of course, angered by Denji’s ambiguity. However, instead of showing said anger, she swiftly thrusts her hands inside his pants. While Denji is flustered, Yoru does not share the same human emotions as Asa- she makes it loud and clear to Denji.

“I don’t care. I have no interest in your foolish feelings.

All I care about is fighting the Chainsaw Man for real.

What if I crush your balls? Will that get you in the mood?”

Denji throws off the knife from Yoru's hand, so she thrusts her hands inside his pants
An unexpected outcome || ©Tatsuki Fujimoto

By “get you in the mood” Yoru obviously meant in the mood to fight. We are not sure whether the author planned to pull our leg here, or it is simply a genius usage of undertones, however, what follows is unreal.

Yoru kisses Denji. For a fleeting moment, it seems as if Yoru has turned into Asa. We continue to see them engage in a way too long French kiss, pulling and pushing away all the while, and eventually, Denji pulls away.

The last frame of the chapter is of Asa’s hand, now covered in a thick, gooey substance.

Long story short, Asa just gave Denji an affectionate good time. Ask Tatsuki Fujimoto, we do not have the answers you seek.

The readers’ (un)pleasant reactions

As for the reader’s reactions to this chapter, perhaps this one link will suffice.

Perhaps, even this would make more sense.

Here lies the artistry of Tatsuki Fujimoto- this chapter is of course a sensual joke, but it is way more saddening than it is funny, it is more disheartening than lighthearted.

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