Classroom for Heroes: How strong is Blade?

Classroom for Heroes How strong is Blade

Classroom for Heroes is a light novel which has been written by Shin Araki and illustrated by Haruyuki Morisawa. An anime adaptation of the light novel directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi has been recently released and it has brought along a wave of sensation.

The story navigates through the life of a new transfer student to Rosewood Academy, Blade, and his supervisor Arnest Flaming aka Empress of Flames. It is similar to BNHA, beautifully following the lives of these students as they struggle to become heroes, and Blade’s quest in becoming the greatest of them all.

Who is Blade in Classroom for Heroes?

Blade is the main protagonist of Classroom for Heroes, and he comes as a transfer student. He is an average-sized teenager, with a slim figure and dual-colored hair in black and white. He is a carefree young man who is ignorant of even the most basic things, including standing in front of the ladies restroom. His main goal is to make a hundred friends at the Rosewood Academy but at the same time is very serious and savage during combat, especially against demons.

Classroom for Heroes How strong is Blade
Blade in Classroom for Heroes. (Image credit goes to Studio Actas)

Blade is said to have lost his powers sometime in the past, making his hair turn black and white. Blade is extremely powerful and only a glimpse of his true potential has been revealed so far. He is easily one of the most powerful beings in the Classroom for Heroes universe.

How powerful is Blade in Classroom for Heroes?

Blade is an extremely powerful being, but due to his injuries, he restrains from using and revealing his true potential. With only one arm, he is capable of taking down a dragon, and it doesn’t matter which kind of sword he uses owing to his superhuman strength. Blade is a master of swords and can use any kind of sword with a magical precision and ease.

Classroom for Heroes How strong is Blade
A scene from Classroom for Heroes episode 1. (Image credit goes to Studio Actas)
  • Blade doesn’t use a specific sword, and he is frightfully strong. He also has the ability of inhuman eyesight, making him capable of seeing anything exceptionally clearly.
  • He can even track anything or anyone even ten kilometers ahead and be able to track a possessed Arnest with ease.
  • Blade in Classroom for Heroes is also extremely quick and could easily keep up with the possessed Arnest without any hesitation.

Is Blade stronger than Arnest in Classroom for Heroes?

Arnest Flaming was at first repulsed towards Blade, owing to their first interaction and how awkwardly it took place. Arnest is the Empress of Flames, but it has been shown that Blade could easily surpass her if he uses his full potential. Moreover, Blade is extremely reserved, when it comes to his powers and his social skills, making him a mysterious character all the way.

Classroom for Heroes How strong is Blade
Blade and Arnest Flaming. (Image credit goes to Studio Actas)

Blade is undoubtedly more powerful than anyone else, and his transfer to the academy under the king’s command itself is a proof of that claim. Blade was able to defeat and control a possessed Arnest with ease, but all the way claiming that he was just a commoner. Blade does this to avoid his past, but his past is hauntingly special to his character and it makes up for his lost memories.


Blade as the main protagonist of Classroom for Heroes is the most powerful character of the story. He is reserved, but that comes from a very traumatic chain of events, and as we slowly move forward in the story we will be able to understand what amount of power he truly holds within himself.

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