Could Metal Gear ever have an Anime?

The Metal Gear series is one of the most iconic and recognizable video game franchises of all time. In a time when most video games adhered to a template and produced games of existing genres, Hideo Kojima went ahead and created his own genre, pioneering the concept of stealth games.

After the recent announcement of the Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, a remake of the original MGS 3, fans have been wondering about possible avenues of Metal Gear content. One of the most expected of such ventures is anime. Could Metal Gear have an anime?

The worth of a Metal Gear Anime

Could Metal Gear ever have an Anime
Image Courtesy of Konami

Conceptually speaking, Metal Gear has no scarcity of content to be made into an anime. As a series that’s been running since the inception of video games, the sheer amount of lore, characters, and scenarios available makes an anime adaptation very possible, at least theoretically.

The true question behind the creation, however, is whether the said anime could capture the essence of the game or not.

  • While the story and characters can be brought to life through perfect writing and casting, the real essence of the Metal Gear series is the player’s experience.
  • Employing various types of tactics on the go while trying to infiltrate an enemy base is what made Metal Gear special and immersive.
  • In order to replicate the immersion provided by a video game, the show would have to go deep into the strategic mind of the protagonist and showcase his thoughts as fans would when playing.

Significance of Hideo Kojima

A lot of great series and franchises are usually the brainchild of one individual, and it would be impossible to imagine the series without them. This is especially true, not just for Metal Gear, but for all of Kojima’s creations. At the end of the day, no matter how many characters or references one throws into it, Hideo Kojima IS Metal Gear.

  • Although his habit of inserting his name right before every chapter or mission in his games might sound eccentric and egotistical, Kojima of all people has more than a justifiable reason to do so.
  • His stories and narratives have a separate cult-like following for a reason, and creating a Metal Gear anime without at least the supervision of Kojima would be a disaster, leading to another Boruto situation.

Potential Plotlines

Could Metal Gear ever have an Anime
Image Courtesy of Konami

Metal Gear often deals with war and politics with a scientific twist to it. Each of its themes deals with one of the following issues: gene, meme, scene, sense, peace, or revenge. The characters and scenarios involved are also intricately woven to reflect these, so there is a lot of content to produce a pure seinen series.

Going down a shounen route might ruin the anime. One another explorable possibility is the story of The Boss, Snake’s mentor, or rather like a prequel series that could complement future games. One other possibility would be to explore the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance storyline.

Art and Animation

For a Metal Gear anime, Art and Animation would be the topmost priorities to get right. Metal Gear series often deals with pseudo-scientific and futuristic types of technology, and given that Kojima’s characters are so well designed, it would be a crime not to replicate that properly.

A studio experience with the seinen genre or the sci-fi genre like Maappa would be the ideal choice for such an anime.


Overall, while there are no official announcements about a Metal Gear anime yet, it’s far from impossible. Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear’s roots lay in Japan so that definitely is a promising factor. Whether it is a retelling of the game’s story or a new plot entirely, fans of the series would definitely enjoy a Metal Gear anime.

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