Could Plunderer have been more than just fan service?

Plunderer, an anime that garnered attention for its overt fanservice, is a show that often finds itself categorized as a “guilty pleasure.” However, beneath the surface-level provocations and revealing outfits, lies a series with a twisted plot and complex systems that had the potential to deliver a far more compelling narrative to the anime.

The unique mechanics of Plunderer anime

A still from Plunderer anime
A still from Plunderer anime (Image via Geek Toys Studios)

To truly appreciate the missed opportunities in “Plunderer,” let’s first explore the fascinating mechanics that define the world of Alcia. In this post-apocalyptic setting, every individual possesses a “Count” imprinted on their bodies, representing a crucial aspect of their life. This Count governs not only their social status but also their very existence, as those with lower Counts are compelled to obey those with higher Counts. If one’s Count reaches zero, they face a terrifying fate in the Abyss.

A world teeming with potential

A still from Plunderer anime
A still from Plunderer anime (Image via Geek Toys Studios)

The concept of Counts and the Althing, which oversees this system, offers a thought-provoking backdrop for storytelling. However, the series barely scratches the surface of this intricate world. The potential for a deep exploration of the societal impact of Counts, the origins of the Althing, and the moral dilemmas it presents remains largely untapped.

Well-defined characters with untapped stories

A still from Plunderer anime
A still from Plunderer anime (Image via Geek Toys Studios)

Beyond the fanservice that often takes center stage, “Plunderer” boasts well-constructed characters with hidden depths. Hina Farrow, with her Count initially at 441, sets off on a quest to find the enigmatic Legendary Ace while searching for answers about her mother. Alongside her is Licht Bach, a character whose true identity is shrouded in mystery, adding an intriguing layer to the narrative.

The missed opportunities

While Plunderer anime has its merits, it also falls short in certain areas, hindering it from reaching its full potential:

1) Excessive fanservice

The overemphasis on fanservice, including scenes featuring scantily clad characters, often detracts from the show’s potential for a more profound plot. Many of these scenes were not relevant to the plot at all, or were a prime example of forceful incorporation ofย  explicit scene in a failed attempt to increase the views. Reducing such scenes could have allowed the narrative to take center stage and captivate viewers with its underlying themes.

2) Storyline and character motivations

A deeper exploration of the overarching story and the characters’ motivations could have added more charm to the series. The hints at political and historical undertones offer opportunities for a more profound and engaging plot. For example, the show could have explored why Licht Bachrach became a Plunderer, or what happened to Jail Murdoch’s family.

3) Backstory development

Jail Murdoch in Plunderer anime
Jail Murdoch in Plunderer anime (Image via Geek Toys Studios)

Plunderer introduces characters with compelling backstories, but these narratives are often underdeveloped or overlooked entirely. Further exploration of the characters’ pasts would have enhanced our understanding of their actions and motivations.ย 

4) Enhanced suspense

While the show does have moments of suspense, they could have been intensified to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. A more mystery filled with unexpected twists and turns would have elevated “Plunderer” beyond mere guilty pleasure status.


Plunderer anime is a prime example of an anime with unrealized potential. Beyond its reputation as a guilty pleasure, it possessed the foundations of a captivating narrative. By toning down the fanservice, delving deeper into the story and character motivations, developing backstories, and intensifying suspense, “Plunderer” could have transcended its categorization and become a must-watch series known for its compelling storyline.

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