Date a Live V anime: Release date + What to expect?

Date a Live V anime: Release date + What to expect?

Anime fans, get ready to mark your calendars for 2024 because Date A Live V, the fifth season of the beloved Date A Live series, is set to hit your screens. Excitement is building as the second teaser PV and new character visuals have recently been released, offering a glimpse into what’s in store for fans of this action-packed, romantic anime.

The teaser PV of Date a Live V

A still from Date a Live seaosn 5 Teaser
A still from Date a Live seaosn 5 Teaser (Image via Geek Toys Studios)

In the second teaser PV, fans are treated to an elegant scene where the spirits of Date A Live V come together. The animation promises to be as visually stunning as ever, raising anticipation levels for the upcoming season. But the teaser doesn’t stop there; it introduces a new character, Mio Susumiya, portrayed by Aya Endo. Mio Susumiya is not your typical human girl. Her visuals alone are enough to pique anyone’s interest, and she possesses an enigmatic and overwhelming power that sets her apart from other spirits.

The story continues

A still from Date a Live seaosn 5 PV
A still from Date a Live seaosn 5 PV (Image via Geek Toys Studios)

Date A Live revolves around the existence of powerful beings known as spirits, who possess abilities that can lead to catastrophic “space earthquakes.” These spirits are often regarded as humanity’s natural enemies. However, there is one unique way to deal with them: going on a date with the spirits and making them fall in love. This unusual approach to saving humanity is the heart of the series.

Shido Itsuka, the main character, possesses the extraordinary ability to seal away the powers of these spirits by kissing them. He plays a crucial role in protecting humanity from the spirits’ potential threats.

Unraveling mysteries

A still from Date a Live seaosn 5 PV
A still from Date a Live V PV (Image via Geek Toys Studios)

As Date A Live V approaches, fans can expect answers to some of the long-standing mysteries that have kept them guessing. The series has a knack for providing both action and comedy while seamlessly weaving in moments of genuine emotion. This season promises to continue that trend, offering a rich and emotionally engaging narrative that has been a hallmark of Date A Live.

Production and background information

A still from Date a Live seaosn 5 PV
A still from Date a Live seaosn 5 PV (Image via Geek Toys Studios)

Date A Live is based on a Japanese light novel series written by Kōshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako. The franchise has seen multiple seasons, a film, and spin-off novels. The fifth season is a testament to the series’ enduring popularity and the love it has received from fans over the years.

Staff and Cast


  • Original work: Tachibana Koji
  • Original illustration: Tsunako (published by KADOKAWA Fantasia Bunko Co., Ltd.)
  • Director: Jun Nakagawa
  • Series composition: Fumihiko Shimo
  • Character design: Naoto Nakamura
  • Music: Tsuyoshi Sakabe
  • Animation production: GEEKTOYS production: “Date A Live V” production Committee

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  • Shido Gokawa: Nobunaga
  • Shimazaki Yato Tokagami: Marina
  • Inoue Tobiichi Origami: Misuzu
  • Togashi Kotori Gokawa: Ayana Taketatsu
  • Shiitono: Iori Nomizu
  • Kurumi Tokisaki: Asami
  • Sanada Yamayaya: Uchida Shinrei
  • Yamai Yugen: Bridocut Sarah Emi
  • Yoi Miku: Kayahara Minori
  • Seven Sins : Mano Ayumi
  • Honjo Nia: Ikutenmoku Hitomi Hoshimiya
  • Rokukui: Kageyama Akira


The release of Date A Live V in 2024 is a highly anticipated event in the anime world. With new characters, breathtaking visuals, and the promise of more mysteries being unraveled, fans can look forward to an exciting and emotionally charged season. The legacy of Date A Live continues to thrive, and this new season is sure to be another remarkable chapter in the series.

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