Death Parade vs Angel Beats: What is the difference between the two afterlives?

Death Parade vs Angel Beats What is the difference between the two afterlives

The concept of the afterlife has always intrigued humanity, inspiring countless stories and philosophies. In the realm of anime, two notable series have delved into this subject with distinct interpretations: Death Parade and Angel Beats. even though both shows depict unique afterlives that challenge conventional beliefs about what happens after death, what is the difference between the two afterlives? Let’s find out.

Quindecim vs The Afterlife

Death Parade vs Angel Beats What is the difference between the two afterlives
Image Courtesy of Studio Madhouse

In Death Parade, the afterlife is portrayed as a bar called Quindecim, where recently deceased pairs of individuals are sent to be judged.

  • The bar’s primary purpose is to facilitate the Decim Game, a series of competitions that challenge the souls to reveal their true nature.
  • The outcomes of these games determine whether the souls are reincarnated or sent to the void, ceasing to exist.

In the afterlife of Angel Beats, adolescents who died prematurely or tragically find themselves enrolled in an ‘Afterlife Highschool’.

  • The Afterlife here is reminiscent of the living world, in most ways, but all residents are immortal and any construct in the world can’t be permanently damaged.
  • The Afterlife Battlefront rebels against the seemingly unjust existence, aiming to fight against God and find fulfilment or transcendence.

Angel and Decim

In Angel Beats, the central character is Kanade Tachibana, aka Angel.  She is a mysterious and powerful figure who is the Student Council President and acts as the enforcer of the Afterlife. Angel is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that all of the students are able to cope with their personal problems. However, as the story unfolds, her true nature and motivations are revealed, leading to a complex portrayal that challenges initial impressions.

Decim is the main arbiter of Quindecim, responsible for hosting Games and judging the souls that pass through the bar. Decim’s stoic and detached demeanour contrasts with his evolving understanding of human emotions. Throughout the series, Decim questions the fairness of the judgment process, ultimately grappling with his own identity and purpose.

How to Leave

Death Parade vs Angel Beats What is the difference between the two afterlives
Image Courtesy of P.A. Works

In Death Parade, the souls in Quindecim can only leave by participating in the Decim Game. Through these games, the souls are pushed to confront their past actions, memories, and emotions, often leading to intense revelations. The purpose of these games is to judge the souls’ true nature and make a final determination on their fate.

In Angel Beats, leaving the Afterlife is tied to the fulfilment of an individual’s deepest regret or desire. Once a person comes to terms with their past and resolves their lingering attachments, they can move on to the next stage. This process is often accompanied by emotional catharsis and personal growth, as characters learn to accept their past and find closure.


Death Parade and Angel Beats explore the afterlife in distinct ways, each offering a thought-provoking journey through themes of redemption, acceptance, and the complexities of human nature.

Both series offer unique perspectives on the afterlife and provoke philosophical contemplation about the nature of existence and the meaning of life. Ultimately, these two anime transcend the realm of entertainment through their portrayal of human existence.

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