Deranged Detective Anime First Impression: Is it worth watching?

Ron Kamonohashi

Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective anime has started its run for the season with a hilarious first episode. Fall 2023 looks quite packed with anime titles like Undead Unluck, Pluto, and Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. Among all these anime, is Deranged Detective worth your time? To find that out, here’s a detailed review of the first episode based on the first impressions of Deranged Detective. 

Deranged Detective anime: Is it worth watching?


Ron from Deranged Detective anime
Ron Kamonohashi from Deranged Detective anime | Image Courtesy of Diomedéa, Inc.

Ron Kamonohashi is a detective with a fatal flaw(fatal for others). As much as he loves solving mysteries, this flaw has prohibited him from taking on any more cases. Totomaru Isshiki is dedicated to his work as a detective but he has no skills to support his dedication. On the advice of a senior, he asks Ron for his help. They both turn out to be the best match for each other. The duo starts working together where Ron solves the case and Totomaru takes the credit. 

Deranged Detective anime has been classified as a crime-mystery anime but there’s a generous amount of comedy in there as well. This is specific to the first impressions of the series. There is also a bit of supernatural that we hardly know anything about. The show has laid out all its cards and the story is pretty generic. Although it offers the detective subgenre fans what they might be looking for.

Deranged Detective anime characters
A still from Ron Kamonohashi anime episode 1 | Image Courtesy of Diomedéa, Inc.

The animation is considerably good, nothing extraordinary but way above average. The movements are fluid. Similarly, the music isn’t too special. It supports the visuals. There’s also a visible difference between the first episode and the trailer visually, the trailer appears darker and more serious. So the anime might evolve into something more serious and live up to the crime and mystery themes. 


Totomaru Isshiki
A still from the Deranged Detective Trailer | Image Courtesy of Diomedéa, Inc.

Akira Amano, the mangaka of Deranged Detective was also in charge of character designs for Psycho-Pass and the upcoming Suicide Squad Isekai anime. The characters act out their looks. Ron has a cool appearance but is a bit messy, the same traits are reflected in his personality. He’s badass and menacing, at the same time quite messy and chaotic. As for his skills as a detective, they are unparalleled.

Totomaru looks timid but honest. He goes along with Ron’s antics. He offers a contrast to Ron’s personality traits. His character needs to be fleshed out a lot more or he holds the potential to be boring. Together they are fun, but nothing you have never seen before. They are a wholesome pair who will keep you engaged in their banter. 

Conclusion: Is it worth watching?

Ron Kamonohashi anime
Totomaru saves the criminal with Ron in the background | Image Courtesy of Diomedéa, Inc.

If you like detective shows or enjoy fun banter between a duo as they solve crimes, Deranged Detective anime is worth checking out. Do you know what else is worth checking out? The Spiel Anime newsletter! Which delves into a wide array of topics for cultured anime fans. Back to Deranged Detective, the first episode keeps you entertained but doesn’t necessarily make you curious about what’s coming up next. It’s a good watch to enjoy a few laughs. 

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