Devil May Cry gets an Anime – Here’s everything you need to know

Devil May Cry anime

Devil May Cry is a renowned video game franchise by Capcom, which has inspired multiple projects including a film and a play. An addition to that list of media projects inspired by the game series is an upcoming anime by Netflix. First announced in 2018, Devil May Cry anime gets an official announcement accompanied by a short trailer featuring the protagonist Dante. 


The trailer sent a wave of excitement among long-time fans of the series. After 5 years since the first announcement, they’ve been looking forward to what the new anime will turn out like. Good news for them, as the first promotional video looks promising but not without a fair share of doubts. Before diving into the discussions, here’s everything you need to know about the anime. 

Devil May Cry Anime Storyline

Devil May Cry anime
Dante from the announcement trailer of the upcoming anime | Image Courtesy of Netflix

The game series revolves around the adventures of Dante who is a Demon Hunter with special abilities. He uses his abilities to hunt down demons and otherworldly creatures who pose a threat to humanity. Besides the demon-hunting and saving humans, there is an overarching story that involves Dante’s personal life and his twin brother Vergil. The game incorporates a series of elements such as action, comedy, supernatural horror, adventure, and if we count the family aspect, drama as well. The story expands over to several parts of the game. 

Despite having a stretched-out narrative in the game, the previous anime adaptation introduced an original episodic story. It retained the key elements of the storyline but most events were anime original. There’s no information about the plot of the storyline, but stay tuned for any updates we might have for you

Everything you need to know about it

Devil may cry: The animated series
A still from Devil May Cry: The Animated Series | Image Courtesy via IMDb

While there are no updates about the release dates, there are some things you need to know about the Devil May Cry anime by Capcom, produced by Studio Mir and Adi Shankar. 

  • Hideki Kamiya, the creator of the games is overlooking the entire process as well. 
  • In 2021, Adi Shankar confirmed that the Netflix anime will have multiple seasons with the first season being 8 episodes long. 
  • The anime will feature Dante, Lady, Vergil, and other characters who will make appearances throughout the series. 
  • The first Devil May Cry Anime came out in 2007. It was produced by Madhouse. 
  • Adi Shankar called the upcoming anime a part of his bootleg universe

Devil May Cry: The Animated Series (2007)

Devil May Cry 2007
Devil May Cry: The Animated Series (2007) | Image Courtesy via IMDb

This is not the first time the game will inspire an anime adaptation. In 2007, the first Devil May Cry anime came out. It enjoys a widespread fanbase. As good as the previous anime adaptation of the game was, it left the fans unsatisfied with the action front. The action scenes were lackluster and it didn’t bode well given how significant a part of the game action is. There were other aspects as well which could use some improvements.

The previous anime followed an episodic structure for the most part. It will be interesting to see if the new anime will follow a similar structure. With all the potential criticisms that could come its way already present, the new Devil May Cry anime can fix the mistakes of its predecessors and give fans a better experience altogether. 


A still from Devil May Cry
A still from Devil May Cry Teaser | Courtesy of Netflix

With Netflix’s history of anime inspired by video games, there’s a lot of hope but surely some lingering doubts too. Things will start to become clearer as more snippets of information get released by the creators.

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