Did Code Geass have the best ending in anime?

Did Code Geass have the best ending in anime

The ending of the beloved anime series Code Geass remains one of the most hotly debated and discussed finale sequences in all of anime. While fans argue over whether the bittersweet conclusion was satisfying, there is a strong case to be made that Code Geass wrapped up its complex saga remarkably well, providing emotional resolution for a stellar series.

This gives rise to one question – Did Code Geass have the best ending in anime? Let’s answer that.

The Zero Requiem Plan

Did Code Geass have the best ending in anime
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The genius of Code Geass’ ending stems from the Zero Requiem – Lelouch’s elaborate plan to unite the world by making himself into a tyrannical villain and martyr. Across two seasons, fans witnessed Lelouch’s intricate machinations to end the war and create a peaceful world for his sister. The Zero Requiem represents the cumulative culmination of those efforts – a masterful plan that uses theatricality and deception to finally achieve his aim.

The sheer scale of Lelouch’s plan is stunning in its layered complexity. Every detail falls perfectly into place across multiple episodes, capitalizing on tricks set up earlier in the series. Lelouch’s flare for drama lets him turn his public assassination into a piece of political theater that unites the masses. The grandiosity provides an epic, operatic finish that fits the show’s grand ambitions.

Triumph, Redemption, and Acceptance

While the Zero Requiem plan is ambitious, Lelouch’s personal motivations ground it emotionally. He seeks redemption for his sins by sacrificing his life to create a better world. The plan allows Lelouch to put his strategic genius toward a heroic end, making up for the suffering he inflicted earlier. His death completes his arc from villain to selfless hero.

The worldwide reaction to Lelouch’s death shows how fully the ending delivers on the show’s web of intricate plotting. Characters from across the series react in ways that mirror Lelouch’s own carefully laid plans. Even longtime foes like Schniezel fall perfectly in line. The wide range of emotional reactions gives weight to the dramatic highs and lows in the finale’s spectacle.

Code Geass: The Tale of Lelouch vi Britannia

Did Code Geass have the best ending in anime
Image Courtesy of Studio Sunrise

Code Geass wisely keeps the focus on Lelouch’s inner journey, giving the global events intimate meaning. His final interactions with key characters like C.C., Suzaku, and Nunnally bring closure to central relationships. Lelouch’s tender farewell scene with C.C. and the Geass’ symbolic resolution carry deep emotional resonance.

What gives Lelouch’s ending such poignancy is how we witness the inner turmoil that motivates his transition from egocentric rebellion to altruistic salvation. Through introspective dialogues and interactions subtler than typical monologues, the narrative gives nuance to Lelouch’s gradual shedding of ego as he is repeatedly confronted with the human impacts of his actions.


Code Geass crafts a breathtakingly bold ending that nevertheless feels like the organic culmination of Lelouch’s arc. The story’s complex ideas and characters converge into a singular vision executed with precision.

But none can deny the ending’s audacious ambition and intricate artistry make it one of anime’s most memorable and affecting finales. Love it or hate it, Code Geass ended big in a way few shows dare.

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