Do Joyboy or Sun God Nika take over Luffy’s body and mind when he is using Gear 5?

Do Joyboy or Sun God Nika take over Luffy's body and mind when he is using Gear 5

To nobody’s surprise, One Piece Episode 1071 managed to break the internet, going as far as taking down the servers of Crunchyroll for a good while. Toei Animation did a fantastic job animating Luffy’s Gear 5 just as Oda and manga fans envisioned it. However, one bizarre question surfaced after One Piece Episode 1071. Do Joyboy or Sun God Nika take over Luffy’s body and mind when he is using Gear 5?

The Sun God Nika

On one hand, when Luffy first unleashed Gear 5 against Kaido, he took on many qualities associated with the mythical warrior Sun God Nika. His physical appearance changed to feature flowing white hair and glowing red eyes, alongside flame-textured white clouds around his body.

  • Luffy also gained Nika’s famed uninhibited fighting style and powers to freely manipulate his body and his surroundings like rubber.
  • This has led some fans to theorize that Nika’s spirit actually possesses Luffy in Gear 5, overriding his normal personality and fighting style.
  • Luffy has shown no signs of losing control while in Gear 5. He retains his normal speech patterns and memories. Luffy even deactivated Gear 5 himself in his fight with Kaido, suggesting he was still fully in control.

Gear 5 and Mythical Zoans

Gear 5th Luffy
Image Courtesy of Toei Animations and One Piece OFFICIAL youtube channel

That said, when Luffy first awakened Gear 5, he did display some exaggerated behavior from his normal personality. Moments before activating Gear 5, Luffy was dancing and bobbing around in a drunkard-like manner, seemingly overwhelmed by an unknown sense of power and liberation.

  • While this aligned with the zany nature of Nika, Luffy remained conscious of his actions, at least to an extent in One Piece Episode 1071.
  • Interestingly, Zoan fruits are said to have a “will of their own.” This unusual trait could offer an explanation for Gear 5’s effects on Luffy especially since his fruit is a Mythical Zoan.
  • The influential wills of Nika and Joyboy may be exerting themselves through the fruit itself, impacting Luffy’s behavior in One Piece Episode 1071. This theory remains speculative but would logically account for Luffy’s change in behavior.

The Return of Joyboy

Another theory is that Joyboy is influencing Luffy in Gear 5. When Luffy unlocked it, Zunesha mentioned hearing the Drums of Liberation, i.e. Luffy’s heartbeat, and claimed that Joyboy has returned. Perhaps Joyboy’s spirit resides in the fruit and manifests through Gear 5, guiding Luffy.

  • Interestingly, Luffy’s base personality shares many similarities with what little we know about Joyboy so far.
  • Both Luffy and Joyboy seem to love freedom and bring laughter to those around them. So it’s possible any influence from Joyboy manifests seamlessly through Luffy’s existing personality.
  • So far, Luffy appears fully in command when using Gear 5, even capable of tapping into it as he pleases. This contrasts with examples like Sukuna and Yuji or Kurama and Naruto, where possession is more overt.


One Piece Luffy in Gear 5 Awakened
One Piece Luffy in Gear 5 Awakened

While Luffy seems to access the power of figures like Nika and Joyboy in One Piece Episode 1071, he does not exhibit signs of full possession. Their spirits likely influence him subtly without controlling his body outright. The exact effects of Gear 5 on Luffy’s psyche remain ambiguous. But the willful nature of Zoan fruits provides one plausible explanation for this mythic form’s peculiar impact on Luffy.

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