Does Milgram Anime exist?

Maruka from the Milgram anime music video

In the world of TikTok and Instagram Reels, rumors have been circulating about a mysterious anime named Milgram. It’s said to revolve around a prison where ten prisoners are pitted against each other in life-threatening games. But is Milgram anime a real deal or just a product of internet imagination? Let us find out more about this new internet breakout on Milgram anime!

Is there a Milgram anime?

Does Milgram anime exisr?
Milgram prisoners | image courtesy of DECO*27

Well the simple answer is no, there is no anime called “Milgram” that has been officially announced or released. However, there is a TikTok trend that claims that there is a secret anime called Milgram that is about a prison where 10 prisoners are forced to compete in deadly games. This trend has led to some people believing that the Milgram anime exists, but there is no evidence to support this claim.

Where did the rumor come from then?

Contrary to the viral claims, there isn’t an anime named “Milgram.” Instead, “Milgram” is an engaging ongoing interactive music project crafted by DECO*27, the producer, and Yamanaka Takuya, the writer. The captivating story closely mirrors the one from the music video, setting the stage in a cryptic prison with ten prisoners.


The players step into the shoes of the amnesiac prison guard known as Es, guided by a talking rabbit, Jackalope. The players strive to unravel the truth behind the prisoners’ crimes and are faced with the weighty decision of whether to forgive or condemn them. The TikTok trend about a secret Milgram anime may be based on a misunderstanding of this interactive music project.

What is it About?

The Milgram Project explores the darkness of the human heart and its potential for evil, the player’s votes hold the key to determining the prisoners’ destinies. Comprising three trials, each with a dedicated song for every prisoner, these musical pieces hold vital clues about the nature of the prisoners’ transgressions. Players must decipher these hints to make their verdicts.

A still from Milgram episode 4
A still from Milgram episode 4 | Image courtesy of DECO*27

While the Milgram Project is still ongoing, there’s no confirmed release date for the final trial. Nevertheless, the project has garnered praise for its dark and atmospheric music, coupled with a storyline rich in moral complexities and shades of gray.


Well then, it appears that the viral buzz about a “Milgram” anime was a case of accidental misunderstanding or possibly misinformation circulating on TikTok.

  • However, the Milgram Project stands as a unique and captivating multimedia venture that piques the interest of those drawn to psychological and thriller content.
  • If you’re looking for a unique and engaging experience that explores serious themes such as human experiences and. Dive into its intricate world and explore the mysteries it holds.

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